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  • Jaundice?  Who, me???

    Day of my transplant my total bilirubin was mere 49.5.  Yowza!!    I've got cell phone pics of the chart or I wouldn't believe it myself.    Needless to to say, I was leaning a tad on the yellowish brown puke color.  

    • That's a scary high #, I don't really get jaundiced I get an itchy , yucky rash on my arms(probably from scratching). Any body else get a rash?
    • Steve,

         That's a crazy high number.  You sure that's not 4.9?  You must have been almost using a knife to scratch the itching away.  I would have died.  The highest mine ever got was like 10.5 the day of transplant.


      • Yep. 49. Next day it was down it was ONLY 19. I have a pic of the chart.
  • I've had jaundice often. It has gotten better since I quit drinking, but I still get it. My bilirubin level bounces between 4 and 8.
  • Yes, I had jaundice with PSC liver disease.  When my bilirubin went above 5 it was time for another ERCP.  When I was transplanted my bilirubin was up to 10.5.  This is not something to mess around with.  I encourage you to see a hepatologist as soon as possible to have the appropriate evaluation, labs, etc. done.  Best of luck to you.


  • I have had it many times,  When my bilirubin level went above 6, I started turning that awful shade of yellow.  I stayed jaundiced for two months prior to transplant where my level ran from 10 to 30.

    If you haven't seen a doctor recently you need to now.  Jaundice requires immediate evaluation.

    • I had jaundice but I don't remember what my number was, my eyes were yellow and for three full weeks my doctor didn't notice till I pointed it out to her and by then I was in full liver failure.
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