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Kidney Failure after Liver Transplant

My liver transplant was in December 2016, about six months ago. There were a few complications resulting in extra trips to the operating room. I was in the hospital four months. Unfortunately, there complications and my kidneys didn't make it. After all the surgeries, and the fourteen plus meds I was on, they simply shut down. I was told that after a few months recovery they should come back good as new. Now, six months post transplant, their is no improvement. I'm on thrice weekly dialysis, and am now being worked up for a kidney transplant--like it's happening all over again. Has anyone else had this experience? I don't even know how long the waiting list is if one doesn't have a live donar. I've been told it's very long, but what does that mean? Two years? Twenty? I'm new to this site and have read through many of the threads, but I haven't been able to find the info I'm looking for. This is my first post. Thanks for reading.

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  • Hi Theodore, I am sorry to hear about your kidneys. I was in hospital for a long time before and after my liver transplant. I was on live support and my kidneys also took a bit hit. I gained much weight while I was in hospital before my transplant. Only when I had difficulties with breathing they decided to remove some fluid several times. After my coma they were worried that my kidneys will not work properly. There were other issues also but through specific prayers all my organs started to worked again and well.I had bladder issues to and after a long while it started to work well. I was told to increase my fluid intake. Even now after my transplant (2 years ago) I try to keep my daily intake of water to 2 liters per day. I try to increase this during the summer months. Various tests were carried out a few months ago and my bladder and kidneys are working well.  

  • My kidneys took a big hit while I was waiting for my liver transplant, they were overworked. I ended up being hospitalized for a month and a half trying to get rid of 60 lbs. of fluid that I accumulated mostly in my feet and legs so I was unable to get a paracentisis to help remove the fluid.
    Now post TX I'm still having fluid retention issues, and I'm limited on my diaretics because of my creating levels being so high and the possibility of my kidneys failing altogether.
    So between a very low sodium diet and trying to control my fluid intake in the Florida heat and elevating my feet often, I'm trying to avoid kidney failure.
    So, it's possible your kidneys were damaged during the wait for your FX?
  • Hi Theodore,
    I'm sorry you are having issues with your kidneys, I hope you can receive another Tx soon. How long you wait depends on what region you live how you are physically and what blood/tissue type you have..

    Different areas/regions have uneven organ collection, allotment, and supply.. In the Northwest US, average waits range from two to three years.

    How you are physically and your blood and tissue type affects the wait, as well, with matching rarer types lowers the amount of viable organs. Members of your Tx team can advise you more precisely. You should also ask your dialysis unit if they have or know of any nocturnal dialysis program available, it's a much easier wait, more like having a Tx. I hope this helps and good luck.

    • Thanks KB, for all the info. With the liver the wait time is determined by how close to death you are. The kidneys, with dialysis and all that, are another story. One I don't, yet, know much about. What is nocturnal dialysis? I've never heard of it.
      • Nocturnal Dialysis is an overnight treatment done in-clinic or home, using hemodialysis.  Treatment is 6-8 hrs, usually overnight, while you recline or sleep.  The benefits are better clearances, less fluid and diet restrictions and less harsh side effects.  I opted for it between Txs and found it easier to endure than the standard four hour sessions, which left me literally feeling "wrung out" and led to many issues.

        It is still three days a week, however I recovered faster and was able to function immediately after, rather than having to sleep for hours to feel "normal."  It IS worth asking about if you are doing hemodialysis now.

        NKF nocturnal dialysis info

        Nocturnal Hemodialysis
        What is hemodialysis?Hemodialysis uses a dialysis machine and a special filter (called an artificial kidney or a dialyzer) to remove wastes and fluid…
        • Oh, wow, I just looked up the link you posted. That sounds awesome. I will ask about it tonight at dialysis. I've been on dialysis since my TX. It's three nights a week, three-and-a-half hours per treatment. Since it's at night, I usually sleep through it, anyway. Nocturnal dialysis sounds perfect. Not sure if I'll qualify. I don't even have a fistula yet, just a heart cath. I'm also interested in home dialysis. If I'm going to be on a waiting list for years, I'm interested in anything that will keep me healthy and strong till a new kidney comes through. Thanks again for your support.
          Nocturnal Hemodialysis
          What is hemodialysis?Hemodialysis uses a dialysis machine and a special filter (called an artificial kidney or a dialyzer) to remove wastes and fluid…
          • How organs get offered and to who, has always had some "smoke & mirrors" feel to me.  Though fewer than 3% of dialysis patients are offered a Tx, don't make plans on waiting years, you might receive an offer soon.  You never know when or where it's going to happen.  You also can be listed in more than one region, possibly shortening the wait.  Start asking questions from everyone, it's how we all learned, and don't ever stop, even after you receive one.  Good Luck.

            Nocturnal Hemodialysis
            What is hemodialysis?Hemodialysis uses a dialysis machine and a special filter (called an artificial kidney or a dialyzer) to remove wastes and fluid…
            • Hi Kidneyboy:

              3% of dialysis patients get offered a transplant??  Wow - I had no idea the number was so low.  

              Nocturnal Hemodialysis
              What is hemodialysis?Hemodialysis uses a dialysis machine and a special filter (called an artificial kidney or a dialyzer) to remove wastes and fluid…
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