Kidney Hydronephrosis caused by urethral cancer

Hi All, I hope you're well. I'm a kidney transplant patient since November 2012. I was admitted to hospital two weeks ago after vomiting nearly everyday for a week. On arrival at the emergency department at hospital, A CT found my kidney was swollen and my creatinine had gone up to 8x it's normal rate (1900!!). 

At first they thought it was caused by scar tissue but an CT and pet scan revealed it's been caused by a 2.5cm urethral tumour. The scans show it is localised and hasn't spread and it's just on the junctions between urethra and bladder.

They have proposed a surgery to remove the tumour and reconnect the bladder and urethra to kidney. It's a major operation and I'm scared out of my mind. The creatinine has gone down from 1900 to 376 (at its lowest) and they say the risks of the surgery are the kidney doesn't return to its normal function and packs up soon and I go on dialysis or the cancer comes back. 

very scared and not sure what's gonna happen. Has anyone experienced this or has some kind words of comfort ?

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