Kidney inflammation

Hello Friends, 

I had my transplant kidney biopsy done yesterday due to rise in createtine level. 

Doctor found that I am having kidney inflamation which is causing rise in createtine. So they are treating me with IV prednisone and probably I will take prednisone with prograf and Cellcept. They told me that createtine will go up futhure and then go down. 

Do you ever face this situation? Anything else I can do to recover fast ? 



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  • Hello Amit,

    This may be an acute rejection episode (I've had a few in the last 20 years.) IV prednisone (Solumedrol) is the standard treatment to bring your immune system back to a lower level. The team will also try to assess what started this situation. Hopefully, your Creatinine will drift down soon and you can resume your regular doses.

    It will serve you well to ASK, ASK, ASK, as many questions as you wish of the Tx team, to become comfortable with your plan of care. This is your life and there ARE no silly questions!

    • They are saying that happened due to reduced prograf level (less than 2) which is like undetectable.  They are very concerned about my other Nephro who did not raise red flag since December 2018.  

      Tx team don’t know how my prograf level went down.  But thanks god, it’s caught much early.  They are saying that I still have more than 90% healthy tissues which is good sign. 

      • The good news is that you should recover and little permanent damage occurred. I lost my first Tx because the Prograf dose was reduced (to aid in blood sugar stability) rejection started and went unchecked for a long time. I hope you get back on track soon, now wiser and stronger.

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