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Kidney/Pancreas Post Transplant

Hey everyone. I'm am 27. I recently received a kidney and pancreas transplant about 2 months ago. Before the transplant... I've been diabetic since age 7. Never been controlled. Hospitalalized numerous times. A1C always 11 12. I went on dialysis bc my kidneys started failing. I was on dialysis for almost 2 yrs. Everything went great with surgery. Doctor said organs begin working right away. I got discharged on Christmas Eve. Had my first follow up about a week and half later. My levels were high. I was dehydrated and had a Uti stayed in hospital for about a week. Since then things have been better. Numbers are better. Having a little more energy. Having some side affects to the medicine. Shakiness, my feet are always cold and numb and tingly. They dropped my prograf dosage. It's gotten better. Any advice or thoughts about recovery even though I'm only 2 months in.

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  • I still had horrible migraines and very weak after transplant though I had a couple of bad complications, or transplant would have been a cake walk. I didn't even believe I would ever be normal for well over a year, post transplant. Rest your mind, know it is not a race, hydration is major major and take a day at a time knowing the future is much brighter. You will find your new normal but not yet. I drove my team crazy with questions, debates, fears, and more questions. They know we are a little crazy for awhile, haha. It's all ok.
  • Thank you for the encouragement. Yeah everyone tells me it took about a year to fully start feeling good and recovered. What about coffee ? Is that bad for you ? I want to start getting back in the gym but don't want to over do it. Maybe just start with walking.
    • Coffee can be part of your fluid intake total, though caffeine is a diuretic, so maybe try decaf first.  Restrictions post surgery usually are no lifting over 30 lbs, your tx team can advise you better on this.  Walking is fine. 

  • Hi Shakiera. Congratulations on your gifts!!!!

    You've gotten good advice so far and I'll add a couple of things. Always keep in mind that you've been through a huge honking surgery. And it's going to take your body some time to adjust. I didn't even really begin to hit my stride until at least a year out. So don't be too hard on yourself. You've got almost infinite room for improvement from where you are now at only 2 months out.

    Go ahead and enjoy some of those foods you were restricted from - just don't go overboard. It's easy to gain an unhealthy amount of weight, especially at the beginning (been there, done that, bought the larger t-shirt).

    Start working on slowing increasing your exercise (I'm kind of lazy and should have started earlier). But don't push too hard.

    Above all though, take your pills and keep hydrated. Find a routine that works for you. Because of the way my life works right now, I take my pills at 10 or 11 am and 10 pm. It skews the 9 am labwork a bit, but it's close enough and I"m consistent with my meds. And KEEP HYDRATED!!!! You are going to feel so much better and it will keep your gifts healthy too. Again, find a routine that works for you. I drink a lot of various types of decaf teas out of cups that hold 500 ml. It makes it easier to keep track for me

    So enjoy your new life. Best of luck to you.

  • Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Yeah my transplant team is awesome. I went through Duke University. I will stay on top of any issues I have and with communication with them. Thanks again. Wish you all great success and health as well.
  • Hi Shakiera, 

    Congratulation on your Txs!   All you are expected to do is;

    • Take your meds ...on time, everyday
    • Stay hydrated - 2-3 litres of fluid/day
    • Have you blood work done on schedule
    • Eat a sensible diet (avoid sodium)
    • Report to the Tx team any time you notice any changes in how you feel (be a crybaby...big problems start very small)

    Leave the rest to the Tx team (especially any stress or worry.)  I do agree with all Manish has written and know that your Tx team is your lifeline and you best source of guidance and information,  I encourage you to Ask, Ask, Ask as many questions as you wish from the Tx team, nurses, and members here, it's how we all learned.  You can also learn more tips/info in one of our groups.  I wish you great success with your Txs and hope you enjoy good health for many, many years to come.

  • Hey Shakiera,

    Many congratulations !

    You are doing ok, in the beginning you will have your reports up n down for at least an year this varies with every individual. Hence don't get hyped up with numbers I know it does effect but if you relax n calm you will better blood reports with coming time, let the foreign object settle down in the body and work in sync with other organs.

    Maintain good hygiene and stay away from contagious things or people with cold / cough or any allergy .

    Keep posting stay happy!

    Manish jha
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