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Kidney Sticking out From Surgery


I am 2 months post op from transplant, is anyone else have the right side where kidney was placed stick out with a large bump? I look like I'm 2 months pregnant, before surgery I had a very flat tummy, I was never told of this side effect, please let me know if anyone else is going through this, and did it get better



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  • Dear charlie
    I had my tx four months ago.
    I used to feel the same that I was pregnant in my right half !!!
    It is partly because it is placed superficially than uour original kidneys.
    Also if uour tummy muscle tone is not vety good.
    It shouldnot make a difference to the functiong of the may help to wear a abdominal belt to walk in the initial months
    Dont worry.
    It is the least of problems.
    • Hi,

      Before Surgery I had a flat tummy, I have seen other females in the clinic who had a transplant and their tummies are just fine, so I don't understand why my turned out like this, is it because my donor was a male (husband) and his kidney was large! It has really killed my self esteem, and yes it beats dialysis which I have never done, I may have to get a second opinion,

      If they had told me this was going to happen I could have been ready to deal with it, I was told nothing.

      Thanks for your reply. :)
  • The same thing has happened to me and I’m now 6 yrs out. It’s because the kidney is too large for my body and there’s nothing that can be done. Now the other side sticks out just as far because of a hernia that can’t be operated on. I did have a serious one behind the transplanted kidney and has a mesh covering it. Also my kidney was placed higher on my abdomen because it didn’t fit in the usual place. It’s hard to accept but it gets better but I don’t think I will ever fully accept it. I can’t wear the bathing suits or some clothing that I could before. I lost weight right after my transplant and now back to my previous weight as of this year. Yes, I’m thin too and it feels better knowing that there’s someone else who knows how it feels to have this happen. Sorry I couldn’t help. 

    Janet Weinstein 

    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks for responding, has the kidney area gone done any? They are other females who had Transplant starting from September to December at my transplant hospital, and none of them have the issue as I do, which it really makes it harder for me to accept, so I don't know what to think now. Because of this, it has really put me in a depressed mood, granted I know I was given the gift of life from my husband, but why couldn't someone tell me that it could be an issue...that way I could have been prepared, they tell you other issues that can happen, I just feel I had the right to know

      Take Care


  • Hi Charlie, I know exactly how you feel. I too have a budge at my kidney tx site. I was never told about it, and when I asked " is this normal and will it return to normal".? I never got a straight answer, I just accepted it and moved on. I appreciate my kidney, and accept that I can't go shirtless anymore.            OREN.

    • Hi Oren,

      Same here, I ask and can't get an answer, I just don't know what to think now, Thank You for your response.

      Thank Care


  • Whether from the combination of medications (Prograf/Prednisone.) or their psychoactive effect that turns every moment into an emotional roller coaster, or having your core sliced open like a Christmas ham, the "battle of the bulge"  is a common complaint of kidney Tx recipients.  You can either accept it as a trophy to your courage and resolve or work to remove it like some have, with hard work. I'm somewhere in between.  It's your choice.

    • Hi Kidney Boy,

      It's not from the meds, my live donor male is a large person, don't mean as in fat, I'm 5'11"and thin, they think the kidney was big, or it may be fluid having a CAT scan done wednesdayto investigate, other than that, I've gone from 148 lbs to 156lbs not bad since the meds I take, it just makes me self conscious. Thanks for your reply.


      p.s. I have only a 6 inch scar on my right hip.

      • Everyone is different, thankfully.  Know that a Tx organ will grow in size somewhat as time goes by but the kidney is only about the size of a closed fist. The op cuts or moves several layers of fascia and if there is a collection of fluid, it might be more noticeable. Hopefully, much of this may be temporary, though more recipients complain about it than not.  The meds take their toll and mess with blood sugars and stamina, especially if levels go awry. Being an older male allows me to be less concerned about it, I'm alive and that has not always been a certainty.

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