I am 4 months post kidney transplant.

I was lucky and rec a kidney that was a 100% match and as of 4 months

have had no complications or side effects from the meds.

I am currently going to the transplant clinic monthly, hope to go to every

other month soon.

Questions for you other recent transplant patients:

  1. Wait time at regular clinic visits from arrival until you see the before
    you see the transplant nephrologist?

         They want the local patients to be at the clinic by 8 AM to draw

         blood etc then everyone waits in the clinic for lab results, this takes

         until at least noon, then the Transplant nephrologist begins to see

         patients. This results in some patients being at the clinic for over 8


     2. How are your labs done?
        I now have my labs done locallyand arrive at the clinic by noon
       waiting at least 3 hours to see the transplant nephrologist.

     3. How long until you were able to transition your care to your

         regular nephrologist.

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  • Labs then they say go eat and come back if you like. One to one and 1/2 hours. However, wait usually longer.  Not 8 hours.

  • It sounds like you are doing great with your new kidney Dennis. What a blessing!
    I am 10 months post kidney transplant and my transplant center is the Univ. of Mi.
    I take my tacrolimus, mycophenolate, and prednisone at 9am and 9pm. The night before an appointment I take the evening meds at 7:30pm as I need to have my lab draw around 7:30am so that the results are available to my transplant nephrologist by my appointment, which is for either 9am or 9:30am. I'm usually out of the clinic and on my way home by 10:30am. I live 2 1/2 hours from my center, which makes for a lot of driving but I don't mind as I get great care there.
    In January I saw my local nephrologist for the first time since my transplant last May as my transplant nephrologist wanted me to start back to seeing my local nephrologist. I see him again in September. I'm expecting after my one year appointment in mid May that I will go to the transplant center yearly and that my local nephrologist will take over my care.
    I feel very blessed with this beautiful kidney that I call the "whiz kid". It is nothing short of a miracle to have improved health.
    I wish you continued good health with your new kidney.
    With joy,
    Margo and the whiz kid
  • Congrats. First three months post tx is most crucial and good to know you passed that period. Your doc must have adjusted your dosages for taking care of your immune system. 

    In India, you can get blood, urine collected from your home, get the path lab report electronically and/or hard copy delivered at your home. Obcouse this facilities are at cost. Some test particularly for trough level testso are free of cost if you do the lab test from the recognised lab which had agreement with  pharmaceutical company. 

    You can always go with reports to your docs next day and consult. 

    Caution : please get the test done from a recognised path lab.and if possible, stick to the same path lab for easy comparison of lab test results..

    Stay blessed.

  • Hello, Many Congratulations. I am 8 Months Post. So this is How i do it.

    I initially i use to do the way u do. draw blood at 8.30 AM, get the results at 1 PM and wait for the Dr. So another 2 hrs.

    Now i go and give the samples any day in the week and leave for the office. and mostly on weekdays go and see the Dr. This Works For  me. I try to get the LABS done on my hospital only. Bacause the results can vary .

    As far as interval is concerned , A month is good as per my Dr and after 1 year. He will make it 45 Days.So this will Go on Increasing if everything else is Good.

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