I had a kidney transplant on August 1, 2019 its been 2 months now.  The doctors are trying to control my CMV (Cytomegalovirus) and the doctors put me on Valganciclovir (Valcyte) to control it. Also they put on Prednisone. When I got the Kidney Transplant I have been very tired no energy. Does anybody have sugestion how to stop from being tired all a time?

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  • Let's ignore the "elephant (CMV) in the room" for a moment, other causes could be medications, situational aspects like environment, and diet and exercise. Once you have overcome the virus, which takes time, you will likely feel more energetic. Working with your Tx team, periodically review your medications and their blood levels to ensure the correct balances. Some blood pressure and immunosuppressant meds like Prograf can make you feel exhausted when their levels are too high. Post-transplant allergies, even if you had none before, can take their toll. Adjusting your diet and routine exercise (walking is great) can help you feel more like yourself. Again, all this is after you are done with the CMV virus. Congrats on receiving your Tx! Allow yourself time to become used to this new life and remember to breathe every now and then.

    • Thank you for responding to my message. It was very helpful.

  • Nope.  Takes time.  I was also on Valcyte, happy to be off.  I still have chronic fatigue from a complication from  immuno but you are barely out of the surgery - I am 3 years post.  

    Basic explaination is you had a major surgery and lack of movement.  Get to work as best you can.  It helps, trust me.

  • Sometimes all it takes is time. And in this case, waiting for the CMV to clear. You are only 2 months out and how long it takes to feel better varies from person to person.

    When I had CMV I was exhausted and it took about 5 months for it to clear out of my system. The first year is often the roughest. Don't worry. You'll feel better.

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