Water is life

Hello Everyone, 

I would like to share my recent experience and how it effected my kidney function. I hope this post will help you with some decision. :) 

I went on 1 night backpacking trip on 3 Oct 2020. It was bit strenuous, carried 32 lbs, gained much elevation in very less miles and stayed overnight with elevation off around 11,500 ft.   It was cold, windy and things went worst as no fire/stoves were allowed due to california wildfire restrictions.  

I carried 2.5 lt of water while I started and that was only water which I drank while I did backpacking as lake water was very cold and no fire allowed.  I reached home Sunday night and had my blood lab completed on Monday (next day).   AND MY CREATININE WENT UP FROM 1.05 to 1.4.   Called my doctor, had my biopsy done, stayed in hospital overnight.    Luckily no damaged found in kidney and my creatinine is coming down slowly. It is back to 1.15. I hope it will go down further like before.   FYI, this was not my 1st backpacking trip but yes 1st without fire source.  

I learned water is very very important for us.   No matter what please drink water.  

PS: I completed 9 year kidney transplant anniversary on 19-OCT.   

Thank you all.   



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  • Very good reminder.

    Congrats on 9!

    Wish my Cratinine got that low.

  • I am glad that you are recovering and that you were willing to share this experience and important reminder. I think it's marvelous that you are able to make these backpacking trips. If I ever get strong enough again, I would love to do something similar. May you have many more adventures amid nature's beauties that will be safe and delightful for you. Thank you for the lovely picture too!

    Warm regards,

    • Thanks Bobbiejo for your kind words. 

  • I am happy to learn, Amit, that you are recovering! It is also a lesson for us all, that conditions can change rapidly, with elevation. Here on the other coast, we constantly hear about many trekkers, who try to scale Mount Washington in N.H. They start their day in mild temperatures and sunny skies, only to be met with cold and snow as they ascend, even in summer months. This little mountain (compared to our western ranges) is the site of the lowest recorded temperatures and highest winds on the planet.  Again, I am glad to learn you are improving.





    • Thanks Kidneyboy. Yes I have been to mount Washington on top but in car, it was cold , foggy and super windy, 

  • Hi this is Wayne I had my transplant 35 years with no rejection or any problems my creatinine never got below 1.0 it was 1.1-1.3 for the first 20 years and 1.4-1.6 last 15 years your creatinine changes daily so don't be alarmed if it goes up a few points here and there especially if you have a cold or virus. As long as you stay in that range and don't show any rejection you can live a healthy life. Relax and enjoy your new kidney.

    • Thanks Elmer.   

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    • Beautiful! Especially the dog! I miss hiking - don't have the stamina for it now.


      Enjoy while you are young and strong. Like all us trandplant recipients, you have the sense of a new appreciation for life!

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