• EVERY Tx IS AS UNIQUE, AS IS EVERY RECIPIENT. You are only a couple of months out from surgery and Tx teams usually keep the Prograf (FK) level high in the first few months. Your Creatinine levels are excellent, though it may drift higher after leaving the hospital, where everything is controlled. Females have a slightly lower creatinine blood level than males (again, EVERy ...)

    Eight years out, my creatinine remains steady at 1.4 on 1mg/1mg/day of Tacrolimus(Prograf.) Try not to worry too much about Creatinine levels fluctuating, as these are affected by hydration, medication, diet, exercise, illness infection, and more. Tx teams use this reading to identify trends (steadily rising,) that would indicate the start of an issue, You would likely NOT feel the start of an issue before blood work indicates it.

    I encourage you to ASK, ASK, ASK as many questions you want from your surgeon, Tx team, and here, it is how we all learned. Your Tx team will always be your best source of advice and guidance, as they know your history. I wish you great success with your Tx and hope and pray you enjoy many, many years in good health!

  • Your creatinine is amazing My prograf level runs between 5 and 6 but my creatinine runs around .9. Too much prograf can be bad but also too little has its issues too It is a balancing act and does vary from patient to patient
    I take 3mg in am and 2 at night. My doc told to keep doses 12 hours apart especially when you have labs. Gives the best possible lab results
    • Also had my kidney for almost 25 years. Bet you are drinking a lot of water which is probably keeping your creatinine at a great level  I am constant battle with water drinking. I drink lots of iced tea with plenty of extra ice for water

      • Wow, praise God for your 25 yrs. Thanks for the advice. 

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