Liver: A tad concerned

3-days ago I noticed some pain on my right upper abdomen.  And tightness.  I started having a headache yesterday and the "soreness" feeling is worse.  Today the headache is REAL and both sides of the abdomen are sore to the touch, but mostly on the upper right side.  

I saw my PCP today who got blood and urine samples and ordered a sonogram for Friday morning.

I'm not even a little jaundiced.  Eyes are clear and white.  Urine had no bilirubin in it.  

Does this sound like the beginnings of rejection to anyone?  Or just a viral infection?

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  • Great news.  Glad every thing is returning to normal.

  • Well, last Friday I got an antibiotic shot and started taking oral antibiotics.  Re-did labs today CMP and CBC were normal across the board.  Go figure!  


    • You took all the correct steps, when an issue arises, if only you could have done them without the stress and worry. You get used to these "bumps" in your path, after awhile. It's the price of the ticket for this rollercoaster.  So glad you feel better.

    • Whew. Glad things are back to norma (or as normal as they get)l. I don't know how things are with liver tests, but with kidney stuff, it's best to keep the same level of hydration prior to labs if you can. It will really affect those kidney results if you're off by even a glass.

      Keep up the good fight Steve


  • Saw the doc and got some lab/tests:  Urine is normal.  Ultrasound of kidneys, liver, pancrease is normal.  However, creatinine is up, GFR is down 40% from last month, bilirubin is up.  Monocyts, Neuttophils, and WBC are up.  

    Doc thinks I have infection.  But where?

    Dang it!

    • Might be near where it is sore, remember, with immunosuppressants on board, we are walking petrie dishes. We eat foods, drink water, all things that could supply us with bacteria that can grow fast in us. This was my first thought, but I wanted to wait for the blood test results. Again, I hope you find relief soon and stay away from food trucks and salad bars!

      Stay Well,


  • Hi Steve,

    I would only be guessing as to the cause of this new issue, but I am familiar with the process of investigation. In the absence of a true diagnosis, we all invent our own hell. Stress and apprehension fill our minds, as possibilities abound. It is unlikely this is rejection, that begins quietly and is dlscovered by blood tests long before you "feel" anything. Please try to stay as calm as you can, while your PCP and Tx team remedy the problem. I have been through many different issues, it is amazing what you can get used to. I hope you find answers and relief soon. 

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