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I'm trying chats room for the first time so bear with me.  1yr  ago I tired to get on an list but was trun down, they said that I needed to do 6 month of treatment before I could try again.  The clinic said at least 10 months  of treatment, I said that I would be done before that (I was ddone in 5).  on 7-3-12 I go in for the blood draw, and doctors discussion.  I hope I have everything together.


So can any one tell what to look for ahead after that?

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  • Can I ask what type of treatment you had to do before you could get onto the list?  My fiance had to loose alot of weight before he was placed on the list and now that he has he has been on the active list for about 2 yrs now. still waiting..

    • I had to do 6 month in/out pait treatment for alcoholics.  I did 10 months in 5 months ( 6 being the transplant requset, 10 treatment center saying).  After treatment my doc ask them to take another look at me for putting me on the transplant list.  But when I got my blood work back the liver doc said that my liver has heal some and look good after 8 month, and that I may never need a transtplant but have to take pill and test for cancer.  I hope this help you and r boyfriend and the best wishes for him to get one soon.


      • Hi Duane,   so great that you finished treatment in such a short amount of time.  I know with my fiance that when he lost his weight his MELD score went down but it is back up due to his internal bleeding.  We go today to see his transplant team to see what they plan on doing next with him.  Another long day spent at the hospital. 

        Take care and best wishes to you


        • Good luck at the hospital, but always keep the hope up.  Also it does not hurt to take some readding matrial along to help keep your mind form going loopee.  Or other things for the both of u  it should help keep thing on an even keel.


          Lucks and wishes


      • Sounds like great news Duane! How are you feeling?
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