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Liver Transplant and Flu

I received my liver transplant in 2015 and thankfully have never gotten the flu, but now my fellow workers have gotten it. It seems to be going around at an alarming rate! What are steps I can do to keep from contacting it and what do I do if I feel like I am getting it or actually get it. Is there any medicines I can take for it. Help!

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  • Yes. Tamiflu.

  • As others have said, in no particular order:

    1. Flu shot

    2. Sanitize continually.  Hands, every door knob, phone, key board, drinking glass, etc.

    3. Keep you fingers out of your mouth. 

    4. Tamiflu

  • Just saw my hepatologist. He said if I get it, go for medical treatment early and take Tamiflu if it is available (supplies are short).

  • Hi Kathy,

      I haven't read all the other replies yet, but I'd encourage you to get the flu shot every year.  This year they offered a version of the vaccine that had more than one strain, that's the one I got.  My hepatologist has asked me to wait until the first of November each year to get the shot as well.

     I'd just stay as far away from your co-workers as possible.  The biggest thing for me in picking up germs is contact by touching.  Keep your hands washed, don't shake hands with others, don't touch the doors, etc. in the restrooms without a towel, etc.  Basically keep to yourself as far as human contact with others and hopefully that will be a big plus in the right direction.

    Liver Transplant 2015

  • Everyone has given great answers.  I worked in a hospital/clinic setting for seven years after my transplant.  I am now 10 years post transplant and have only had to take antibiotics for an infection four times.  I attribute that to being careful, but most of all to hand washing (hand sanitizer when that is not possible).  It is the one thing that is the most effective at preventing the spread of the disease.  I also get a flu shot.  I do carry a mask, but rarely use it. 

  • Even though there are reports that the influenza vaccine is less effective for this year's virulent strain, it will lessen the severity of any instance.  This vaccine does NOT contain any live viruses as some of the nasal sprays might, and is worth the effort to protect yourself. The flu has spread from 12 states to all 48 contiguous states in less than a month.  This year's strain is extremely severe with an increase in deaths being reported.  

    As you may know, any infection could trigger your immune system to rev up and look for other "invaders," like a transplanted organ, to eliminate. Once infected, I am unsure how safe antivirals, like Tamiflu, are to use. Your Tx center or PCP can advise you more precisely.

  • I am just getting over bacterial infection, have had it for over a month. Coughing, congestion, fever. Doctors just said keep that fever down and don’t over do the Tylenol.
    I used to be able to kick this kind of stuff in a week, I guess those days are over.
    Stay healthy!
  • 1. Wear the mask
    2. Wash hands
    3. Keep warm

    Wish you the best.
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