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My daughter just informed me that she wants to do all the testing to see if she can be my living donor.  She passes two of the most important requirements as she is the same blood type and body frame as myself.

I would be curious if anyone out there received a living donors liver and how it all panned out.

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  • Hi 

    I know a doctor who is very famous in kids liver transplant.. Her name is Dr.Neelam Mohan. She can definitely clarify your doubts regarding liver transplant. her website is 

    • It's really nice of you to reply to Suzie, but there's been no movement on this thread for nearly 5 years. I'm not sure she still posts here.


  • Concerning livers growing back after donation~ the liver is the only organ which can and does regenerate itself. This has been known since ancient times, or at least the Greeks knew about it hence the myth of Prometheus.

  • Hi Suzie...I received 70% from my Son. He was out of the Hospital in four days. Started college 3 weeks later... He was sore afterwards..some pain. But for the most part reported no problems and is doing just fine today. Kid saved my life. I am doing well and slowly putting my life back after being ill (PSC) for so long.
    • Great Cary! What is PSC & how common is it?
      • Primary sclerosing cholangitis. Auto immune disease. Destroys the bile ducts. They say it's rare.
  • Perhaps I should add a bit more to my reply. We had our surgeries in Taiwan ( because I had no insurance but did have $) at a transplant center that does related living liver transplants regularly. It seems to be more common there. The center we went to claimed few complications and no moralities for their live liver donors.

  • My daughter was my live liver donor, (in April 2009)  giving me 66% of her liver, which grew back within 3 months. We are both doing great and she recently gave birth to her first baby. She was pretty wiped out for a couple of months after the surgery  and we both lost our gall bladder as do all liver transplant patients, I believe.

     There are benefits to having a related liver donor although, yes, it does put your daughter at risk, as anyone going through a surgery is at risk.

  • Hi Suzie, my name is Steve on July 15, 2014 my daughter donated 68 % of her liver to me and saved my life. We are both doing very well now and have been for some time. It's wonderful that your child is doing this for you more people should do it. If you or your daughter want or need to talk to us you can email me and we can exchange contact info. Our hospital in NY asks us on occasion to talk to family's that are going thru this scary time. We would be more then happy to share our story with you. Steve
    • Your daughter is amazing! Donating a live liver sounds very scary because you lose 2/3 of the liver and then you have to DEPEND on the liver to grow back. But what if it doesn't??
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