loss of memory as result of prograf ?

Hello everyone.

Hope you are all well. 
Has anyone on prograf found that the memory is not as good any more and you have to think what you want to say.?

I am 6 and half years post second kidney transplant and find remembering things becomes difficult.Apart from losing lots of  hair, dealing with loss of memory is depressing me so much.
I can deal with loss of hair but with difficulty  remembering  things I can not deal with.

For example, I don't remember if I took my medicine 10 minute ago or not?
Did I wash my hands?

I am so depressed that I can not deal with losing my memories. I don't sleep well at night and it takes me 3-4 hours to fall asleep and then I wake up every 20-30 minutes. Has anyone experienced this? 

I have been asking my TX doc to change my prograf  and he says now is not a good time to change medicine ,  He said if he change my prograf then I will have to come to the hospital for test every day and I might have to stay in hospital for some time and at the time of 

 REISING COVID is not a good idea. 

Any feedback or advice  will be much  appreciated.

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  • I have been taking Prograf for just short of 23 years and never felt like it was affecting my memory. I just received premission to stop Prograf after this many years I was only taking 1/2 Mg per day for the last 3 years. Good luck and good health to you!

  • I understand how your feeling. I have to search for my words and sometimes forget things. I play some memory games and that helps. Getting sleep helps with the memory too. I also have Addison disease and have been told that can cause me to have memory problems. Keep telling your doctors and see about how your feeling. Good luck 

    1. Let me speak to that. Yes, the drugs do cause memory problems. Absolutely, 100%! However, the lack of sleep puts you back so much further. I was having so many problems for lack of sleep over the last eight years but finally a psychiatrist on the team helped me find the medication that worked very well. I have been complaining to my doctors who have said there is no problem, for almost 8 years. Finally at a very low time, my doctor took me serious because it caused so much depression. The psychiatrist put me on 1mgAtivan and Seroquel. Not sure what milligram of seroquel at this time. I am able to go to sleep within one hour of taking this medication and stay asleep for many hours. In the beginning, I had to figure out the amount I needed for my body. It took two or three weeks but I found the correct prescription for myself. When you get to sleep, you will feel so different. You may never be 100% as before but you will feel so much better. Don't ever give up on trying to feel better. I take a drink in the morning that I make with super greens, protein powder, collagen, fruit etc. and this helps too. I also take D-3, K-2, good multivitamin and more. DEW, we will forever make changes to feel better because we have to, right? Also, be careful about other sleep meds. Some are hard to get off and if not done properly, you can get very ill.
    • Thank you so much for your kind advice .

      Will try.

      • I put my daily medications to a medication organizer box. 

        take care. 

        • I also use a pill organizer as I, too, sometimes forget if I took my meds just a few minutes after I took them.  The pill organizers are a life saver.

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