• Hello Amit,

    Besides the excellent suggestions from Cora, your doctor can suggest supplements like calcium citrate or carbonate, which doesn't affect the GI tract or blood pressure as sodium does.

    • Thanks.  I have not think about this that sodium may cause Bp issue. May be that is the reason Doctor started losarton also.  Let me email to my doctor and check this possiblility.  

  • My pancreas was originally bladder connected. I was forced to take about 10 g of bicarb daily and it still wouldn't get to a normal level. I eventually had the enteric conversion and had the hook up changed. My bicarb level has been good ever since.

    Avocados, bananas, potatos and spinach are good sources of bicarbonate though, so these may help as well.

    • Thanks Cora ... I eat avacado daily ... let me include banana and potatoes also in my daily diet in moderate levels.  

      thanks for your suggestion. :) 

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