Low hemoglobin and protein leakage. Is this rejection?




It's been close to 11 years since transplant. 

I've been getting good labs for 8 years and then saw protein leakage in urine. There was a medication added for it and my creatinine has been steady at 1.4 on an average for 2 years. 

For the last 2 years though my hemoglobin fell to a 11.5 and over the last 6 months it's been falling and today it was a 9.9 .

There is protein leakage too. What do you guys think? Is this rejection?

I am really worried. 


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  • I had kidney Tx for 20 yrs. I always have protein leakage since the beginning of Tx. Maybe it's from my old kidneys. I have had abnormal high hemoglobin level since last year. I think it's probably from the medications and one single kidney's over production for last 20 years. I visited the specialist in last year. He doesn't worry too much. So do I. 

    Take care. 


    • Hi Joan, 

      That gives me hope. Hopefully, it's the same stuff for me. Fingers crossed. 

  • I am wondering why you Creatinine is going up - Are you on new meds? Do you have a kidney transplatn? What are your doctors telling you? Did they do a biopsy of the kidney?

    • Hi RVnut, 

      it's been  close to 11 years since transplant. I am on iron meds, increase 20 mg dosage of olmezest and 1 mg additional dose of Prograf. All the above are recent additions . Guessing maybe they are driving creatnine up. What do you think? 

      No, they dint do the biopsy. The doctors want to monitor for another month and then decide

      • Hello KC,

        I know that Olmezest has several cautionary warnings for potential kidney injury, I would consult with your physician and see if there is something else you could take. Prograf has been known to affect the creatinine in some patients but if you have been taking it for years I am not sure that this would be the culprit. My creatinine has been in the 1.1 - 1.4 range since my transplant 13 years ago. However, my sister's (also transplanted) has been below 1.0 for 12 years so we are all different in that sense. Increasing your fluid intake could hlpe while you wait for your next lab work. I

  • Try nortriptyline for protein leakage. I was raking this for pain.


  • The serum creatinine today is 1.5. Thanks

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