Low tac level

Hii everybody...hope all are soing well

This time my tac level is decreased(2.9)

3 months before it was 4.9 at that time dose was 2 mg Morning 1.5 mg evening.. Dose was increased to 2 mg BD...

Between these period due to my fault I have 15,20 minutes late to my morning doses..

Is this the reason for decreased tac level?? 

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  • I am 12 years post liver transplant.  My levels have never been stable.  They range from 2.8 to 5.2.  There are numerous things that impact the levels besides timeing - and 20 minutes is not a significant difference.  

    My dose changed at about five years from 2 mg bid to 3 mg bid.  Other than that my levels go up and down regularly.  Since my ideal level is between 3 and 5, it works for me.

    Ask your team what they recommend, but I do not think the 20 minutes has anything to do with it.

  • My tac levels were never stable. I have some digestion issues, so I think the changes in my case were due to differences in how/when/how quickly I digested the meds. So please don't blame a 20 minute delay on the change. It can happen naturally for a variety of reasons.

    • It could be but now my bp is running low 100/65....and appetite is also decreased. 

  • Hello,  I dont think it is due to 15-20 min delay. I am struggling with TAC level for almost 7 months now. And doing weekly or biweekly blood test. 

    Currently I am taking 3 MG in morning and 3.5 mg in evening but yesterday my level came < 2 which is undetectable but creatinine is normal. 

    Not sure what is causing this but I am not drinking tea or Indian style chai and lets see how it goes after 1 week. 



  • Trending is the key.

    1. Our body reacts so many things everyday, such as the different food, the amount of water intakes, and our activities.

    2. My tac changes all the time from 2 to 8 in last 18 years.

    3. I try not to worry it as long as my lab looks good, tac has the same trending, eat healthy food without salt, exercises, and I take the meds. 


    Goid luck and take care. 



  • Mine does not fluctuate much any longer (2mg BID) and I am usually 4 or around there.  Your body could be getting more used to it so dose increase may assist.  Like others always mention, If I am not at 11.5 or 12 hours post dose I do not give blood and try next day.  Maybe lab backed up, etc.  

    If your levels are dropping, or too low, after a well timed blood draw then doc may have to titrate dose up.  

    Good luck.

    • I'll try again after 10 days with correct timing of dose

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