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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Could someone please remind me of the signs and symptoms of low Tacro levels?  I just celebrated my 5 year post kidney transplant!  I named him Billy the KID-ney.  Thank you and God Bless everyone.

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  • Happy Anniversary Chris and Billy! Wow, it has been a while. The only true way to know is to get a blood test. That will reveal your Creatinine, Tacrolimus level, and other blood chemistry.  Anecdotally,  your hair will grow thicker and fuller, tremors will stop, blood sugar will be more normal, and a few more side effects will lessen. Knowing is better than guessing, get some bloodwork done.

    • Thankyou!  I have blood work in a couple of days.  I was just remembering it being low once and feeling moody and tired.  Been that way the last week (although I am very happy for the holidays!).  So just needed a refresher and couldn't find anything online.  My hair is still very thin 5 years later.  I feel like I lost about half of my hair volume after transplant.  But hey!  Billy is a gift and I really don't care!  Merry Christmas!

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