Hi Guys,I hope all of you are wellI am a kidney transplant patient for 12 years now. I found a lymphnode under my armpit 3-4 days ago and extremely worried.I did my fbc and other tests.My leucocyte count was 14.45 and neutrophils 11.66.The doctor says it is a bacterial infection but I am extremely concerned if it is not a bad viral or lymphoma/cancer Please help

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  • Yes, don't jump to conclusions. We have the same issues as everyone else. If I find an enlarged lymph, I first use essential oils to milk it down, expecting this to be a contained infection. Until I do that for a few days with no change, I don't worry. Our bodies still work to protect themselves. 

  • Hi Guys. 

    I repeated my bloods and kidney function is normal. 

    White cell count has come down to 12.85, I am still lightly concerned. 

    Neutrophils is 7.86 and lymphocytes is 3.

    I am not sure if I had covid as I am still feeling a bit fatigued and have a post nasal drip that is still there. Did anyone else have a similar experience. 

    I hope everything is normal again. I will be seeing my doctor next week. 

    Thanks so much

    • Wonderful news! You can both celebrate your return to better health. Keep us posted on your progress.

  • Hi. Thanks for your kind words, really appreciate it. 

    The lump is almost gone down now.

    I will be doing my bloods again tomorrow

    Has anyone ever had white blood cell count of 14.45. My last creatinine was 1 which was 18 days ago

    What are the signs of rejection generally?

    Thanks so much

    • As your Tx nephrologist and Tx team will confirm, a steadily rising blood creatinine over a few blood draws, is what may trigger an investigation. This number can fluctuate for numerous reasons (hydration, medication, illness, even stress.)  It is unlikely you would "feel" the beginning of a rejection episode before blood work shows an issue starting, therefore regular blood work is a lifesaver!

      Since you likely had a bacterial infection, an elevated WBC reading is understandable, though I consistently have a count ranging from 10 to 12 (Normal is what is normal for you.) Your reading will probably drift downward with time.


  • Express your concern to your Tx team for further investigation, otherwise, I would follow Cora's plan. She is one of our more knowledgeable and experienced members. Try not to micromanage all of your numbers or you run the risk of missing the second chance at life, that you have received, waiting for an issue to arrive.

  • I wish you the best. But you need to be careful. Don't stress yourself out over things that haven't even happened yet. And you are also feeling that you can diagnose better than your own doctor. Maybe he is wrong, but maybe you are completely wrong also, so please try and decreasse the stress.

    Take good care of yourself in the meantime and do what needs to be done if it is a bacterial infection. If and when it turns out to be something else, then you will need to focus on different things to take care of yourself. But in the meantime, deal with what is presented to you by your doc.

    We are with you on this and please keep us posted on how you are doing. I am almost 20 years out and I recently had a uti. I worked hard to not feel too tense and basically waited and kept busy with other things while it went away. I was not in rejection.

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