• I take 400mg BID.

    Brand is Spring Valley - Amazon/Walmart.  Walmart is very cost effective.

  • I take 500mg twice a day and I can barely stay at the bottom of the "normal" range.  I use the magnesium from Life Extension - WWW.LEF.ORG.  I buy many of my supplements there.  They are currently on sale, 100 capsules for $8.10 or 4 bottles for $6.75/each.  One capsule is 500mg, so at 2 a day the bottle lasts me for 50 days.

  • Hi Amit, 

    I don't take Magnesium supplements, but I take one of the Solgar supplements and  I have found that the brand Solgar has some pretty high quality stuff. 

    Check out Solgar Magnesium Citrate on Amazon.  Seems to have great reviews. 

    This is the dosage/mg from the website:

    "The Magnesium Citrate contains 400mg per serving (two tablets). Therefore, each tablet contains 200mg of magnesium."

    Good luck!

    • Thanks Claudia, I ordered these just now.  Lets see how it goes. 

      • Amit,

        Let me know how it goes.  I know it usually can take up to 3 months to see if it has an effect or not, but I'm curious if supplementing magnesium is better than supplementing zinc.  Seems zinc and magnesium both are involved w/ hair and nails.  I decided to go and take a little bit of zinc and it has helped along w/ some other supplements.  Of course, I would love it if everything just went back to normal hair w/o supplementing!  LOL

        My magnesium is not extremely low, but always at the lowest level it can be to be considered normal.

      • Good luck Amit. 

        I'm currently using Solgar's Biotin due to hair loss from the Tacrolimus/Prograf.  I used to use Natrol which I bought at Costco and never really saw a huge difference.   I have noticed quite a difference since I've been using the Solgar brand, so switching brands did make an improvement for me.

        On Amazon, I noticed the Solgar brand always seems to have good reviews on all of their supplements.

        Hopefully, you'll have better luck w/ them!

        • I hope it works for me as well for  hair loss. 

  • My son uses Nature Made Extra Strength Magnesium (400mg) from Costco. It has worked well for him for more than 8 years. 180 capsules for around $14.  It is sometimes on sale for less. 

  • I forget who made it, but I found a chewable that worked really well for me. I think being a chewable can help.

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