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Magnetic Biotherapy

Has anyone ever heard of or tried the magnetic healer creatinine control device? It's a belt that pre-dialyis, not sure about those on dialysis and post transplant patients where approx. 12-16 hours a day. It claims to reduce creatinine 5-20% in the first two weeks of therapy. If anyone wants to check it out it's at

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  • I found this video

  • I looked at this website and What I liked about this company -they said if you cannot afford this product they will help you out.  Not all companies are that convinced that their products will work.


  • Hi Angela

    I never heard of this treatment before. I would be afraid to use magnets post transplant.   Lately, I have been reading about herbs and yes probably many of them are not wise to use after transplant, I am finding a great deal of help to using herbs for my health.  

    There is one herb that if I was pre transplant, I would talk to a qualified herbalist to learn more about it.  The herb is suppose to be good for kidney health. Red Sage also known as Dan Shen.  I actually found a source that Dan Shen is good for post transplant. Not sure about the source though.  When in desperation, I would seek out several sources to help you decide what option is best for you.

    I always have found that my diet plays the most important part to my health.  If I eat foods that are not good for me, I will feel awful and I am talking healthy foods that are not good for me as I never eat junk food.

  • Magnetic therapy claims to aid in many conditions, from ED to ALS and while it has some anecdotal testimony of relief, to date there has been no double-blind studies to confirm results. Before you shell out monies to try this therapy or such devices, confer with your nephrologist or Tx team. Research is still continuing and possibly a safe therapy may be in the future, however, to think the present therapy will reverse damage to the kidneys might be asking too much.

    Lahey Clinic Article

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