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Marathon after kidney tranplant


Anyone run Marathon after kidney transplant ? I did my 1st 10KM trail run after 6 month after Kidney transplant and now planning to  do half Marathon and moving forward Ultra Marathon Trail run coming September . If anyone have done it please advise me especially water intake while running ,  what to watch out and type of Nutrition to take 



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  • Hi Suresh, 

    I had my transplant 3 years ago. I have completed quite a few half marathons, plus I lift weights, box, spin, and hike. My doctor has supported my exercise regime and encourages me to continue (and to stay hydrated). I would be a tad concerned about long endurance events though as they are taxing (I ran marathons pre-transplant). 

    Best of luck, 


    • Btw  Carla ... its awesome to know you have done  Machu Picchu.. its in my bucket list..... hope to complete it in 2 years time....


    • Hi, 

      Good to know we are getting into active same time we need to be carefully that we dont over stress our body .. that why regular  test exspecially Renal Profile is important... i do mine every month .. and if i know i going to do any long distance hike or trail run i plan my blood test 1 week after my actitivtes and yes we do need to take ample rest after long distance marathon .... 

  • Hi, Melanie

    This is what my doctor advise me... the main reason we having transplant is to go back to our normal health lifestyle....he advise me to go ahead and do my run and hiking back again.. as long as we keep hydrated dont push our body ... ;listen to it....stop and rest .. with this advise i able to complete my 30KM last year sept and 50KM Trail Run on March 2018... it took me 15hours to complete the 50km trail run but yeaa i didnt push my body i go slow walk most of the time important i completed it within the timeframe given....and after 1 week i did checkup all seems to be fine.. thank im planing to do EBC + Island Peak on Nov... 2018.. anyone intersted to join are welcome....

    • Hi, Suresh,

      Thanks for responding! I am so happy for your successes and I am excited to read about your next adventure (in November) !!! I love the way you listen to your body. It reads as though you are in this for the long term ;)  A quick question for you. Do you find that your body reacts differently to some of the stresses of a run, due to your medication? In particular, swelling in feet and hands? If so, how do you cope with that? Thanks, in advance, for anything you like to share! Melanie

      • Hi,

        Not sure if this is recomendaded but this is how i do... basically i take medications 4 to 5 hours before any activities .. base on my pervisous experince if i take the medication like 2 hours or less and start the activates it does effect my breathing .. so far i have not gotten swell on my feet or hand.. if you facing that problem better seek doctor advise asap....and also i dont push my self a lot.. when i feel slight pain or i need to rest .. i slow down take time to rest and continue,,,,

        • Thanks! Yep. I did talk to my doctors. They actually cut my Tacrolimus (Prograf) down a little this week, and I've already noticed a big difference! Your advice regarding the timing of taking the medication, prior to workouts, is good and easy to do. I agree, listening to your body is key and I make a point to do that also ;)  I'm going to try an easy (well, a little hilly) 5k in a month. I'm adopting your philosophy and if necessary will walk some --- with the main goal to finish! I'm excited about it and the transplant team is thumbs up onboard. Will let 'ya know how it goes !!!

          • God Speed. will be cheering for you ...

  • Hello! It is so nice to read that there are other transplant recipients with a passion for running!!! I LOVE running & even ran 5 miles on the day I was admitted to the hospital (Viral Hepatitis of unknown origin caused my liver to suddenly fail - see bio). I am just shy of 5/mos. post transplant and am dying to run again too! I try & keep everything in perspective ... the most important thing is that I am alive & have been given an amazing gift. I initially began walking very short distances after the first month and then alternating with ellyptical work and re-strengthening my body/core. I focus on protein, while building muscle, and find that my runners diet, pre-transplant, serves me well on the whole. Non-fat greek yogurt is fantastic  --- 23g of Protein. I also find that the bifidus & acidophilus in yogurt helps with the occasional tummy trouble side effects I have from the Tacrolimus. Hydration has been key for me too. Ultimately, I do not know if I will make it back to 1/2 marathon races. I'm just gonna listen to my body, enjoy my runs and push a 'lil more than the day before. Any other worry otherwise....Gosh! Worry is just payment on a debt not yet incurred. ;) 

  • You are impressive!  I do not want to be negative, but my dear friend who had a kidney transplant the same day I did, died from a ruptured artery (attached to her new kidney) while running a marathon from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR.  I am still not over losing her.  She was very healthy and active, but the marathon was too much for her transplanted kidney (she had it for two years).  She died on the side of the highway.  Her husband was devastated.  We planted trees in her honor where she died.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  

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