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Marathon after kidney tranplant


Anyone run Marathon after kidney transplant ? I did my 1st 10KM trail run after 6 month after Kidney transplant and now planning to  do half Marathon and moving forward Ultra Marathon Trail run coming September . If anyone have done it please advise me especially water intake while running ,  what to watch out and type of Nutrition to take 



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  • You are impressive!  I do not want to be negative, but my dear friend who had a kidney transplant the same day I did, died from a ruptured artery (attached to her new kidney) while running a marathon from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR.  I am still not over losing her.  She was very healthy and active, but the marathon was too much for her transplanted kidney (she had it for two years).  She died on the side of the highway.  Her husband was devastated.  We planted trees in her honor where she died.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  

    • Hi, Shelly

      Sorry for your lost. (RIP) . Yes with all updates am getting i will sure  consult with sport doctor and alos might reduce my distance to sort KM and do walking rather then ruining . 

      Thanks all 

  • I am not an expert, but wouldn't recommend that you run Marathons.

    I recall reading an article from good source that marathon runners including professionals have had kidney failures because of their careers.  Please google this topic I am sure you can find the details.  

    • Thanks Maz something i need to re think now and plan something less stress to kidney . 

  • I ran my first race on my 1 year kidney anniversary which was only 4 miles long. My second race was 10 miles long and I then stopped. Now I'm back at it again doing a 4 month marathon training plan. I drank around 3 liters a day, ate 5 to 6 bananas and at least 1 avocado a day to keep me hydrated, sodium was not a big part of it. Avoid all hydrating drinks like Powerade and Gatorade while running, they do more harm than help with all the sugar load.

    Hydrate the day before a race. It helps a lot.

    • Hi, Andres

      Great to know . Thanks. How about power bars and gel do you take them  or you do home made. Usually i fill warm water on my blender bag  and also a bit lemon  water in a separate small botal for Marathon. For now am not taking any power bar just Bananas, slices of cucumber and apple. Avocade is an expensive fruit in my country but will try it .

  • 9 months post heart  I did a 3k walk ,  I went through a couple bottles of water , what your going to do I think water   only if its bottled ,  there's a bunch of honey based granola bars you can make yourself from online recipe's ,  most are pretty simple and you can control  what goes in them ..

    • Hi, David thanks for the Tips .. will try the granola bars

  • Wow, why you would even want to run that much is beyond me, but good on you!!
    I you get Dr.'s approval press on I think the only restriction on diet is what they told you you can't eat. So treat yourself like you would before your tx, hydrate and carb up. Again, if you dr's are ok have fun (if that is what you want to call it). :)
    • Hi, Micheal 

      Thanks for your support. Yes i did get Doctor approval for sport activities but i wondering if anyone here have done it and can share their experience.  

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