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Marijuana and Prograf levels

I had my transplant in 2009. So far so good. Grateful for each and every day. Have had my bumps in the road. Hospitalized 3 times, all of my own doing. Dehydrated once, drank too much water and Gatorade, over hydrated and bit by an ant put me in the hospital with soil born disease. Afib now part of my life. Everything I have read here is all common over the years. My question is about 3 months ago I started doing 1 hitters about 5 times a week once a day. My Prograf levels were ranging about 2-4 for at least the last 2-3 years. Last blood draw a reading of 7. Stopped for 2 weeks drew blood again back to 2.8. The doctors also lowered my Prograf from 1.5mg to 0.5 for 2 weeks before the last blood draw. Pot or not. I have not started again.

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  • High Mark,

    I have received my new liver 12/4/2016, so this is all relatively "new " ground. I have smoked in the past, usually at a concert and such, what I would consider extremely minimal use. The only thing I was told is no alcohol, period, which makes sense and no marijuana for the first 100 days due to possible fungal presence on the pot. I plan to more than likely use socially in the future, but if this effects my blood work I will most definitely stop totally. We are all human and have to live our lives more now then before to our fullest.

    Good Luck,

    Tom S

  • Today is my 17th anniversary of my transplant. I have smoked MM since I was transplanted so in my case it doesn't seem to be a negative and may possibly be a positive. But I don't do it during the day. I am still active, golf or ride one of my motorcycles all the time. I try and do something every day. 

    If the labs are not done on site they can be off quite a bit. Occasionally I get a weird prograf level and do a redraw it's alway OK. 

    Good health to all,

    • Maverick
      Go for blood work and Dr. Appt. tomorrow. Will see if any change in levels since August. Mine is not MM but only do at night also. Work full time. We shall see. 7 year anniversary tomorrow since transplant. We got a second chance.Live life to the fullest !! Never look back only forward.
    • That is wonderful! Congrats! I am post liver txp almost 5 years and hoping to make it another 7-8 to see my daughter graduate HS! You are a inspiration!
      • Hello Pam received transplant on 4/23/15 doing well hope to see my daughter graduate college in appx 5years god willing Rick
      • Dream bigger! Lots of folks go longer than 12-13 years these days, plus there is always the possibilility of a second TP since you must be fairly young!
  • Not sure what to say about this. I too had my transplant in 2009. While doing interferon treatment afterwards to finally get rid of the hep C that had destroyed my liver, my hepatologist was fine with me using medical cannabis.  As far as I know pot does not affect prograf but as it's been illegal for so long, there isn't much research. BTW: Whenever my labs are 'off'' I've taken another one within a week or so, as a precaution.

    • I had a liver resection first in October 2007. They took 60% of my liver then. I then began interferon in January 2008 for 1 year. Then in 2009 they transplanted me. To this day they cannot detect Hep C in any of my blood work. They told me in 2007 I had to quit smoking pot or they would not do the resection. I quit until April of this year. Between 4/15 and 8/4  I smoked possibly 3 total joints. About 1 per month. I do not believe it affected my Prograf levels but it is the only thing I did different between blood draws.(4/14)-(7/14) I I redid my blood work on 8/18 and prograf went back to 2.8 from 7, but they lowered my meds. from 1.5mg daily to 1mg daily between 8/4 and 8/18. I have not started again as I have a Dexa scan and CT scan on Thursday 9/8 this week. Go back to doctor on 10/20 for 6 month follow up.Ask your doctor what he thinks please and I will ask mine when I go back. Thanks for insight Ono. I also see life much better than before my transplant. Petty crap is just that.

      • Unfortunately, I can not simply 'go back to my doctor'.  He's very popular~ for good reasons, he's an exceptional hepatologist as well as being a nice guy.I had to make an appointment in March to see him in August just for my yearly followup.

        He's in S.F. and living in California may alter one's ideas  about pot.  

        Anyway, here is a link I found online that may help you:

        If you'd like to discuss this privately, send me an email to:   

        • Ono
          Go back to doctor tomorrow. Will see if blood work has changed since August. A little anxious. Will let you know.
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