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Has anyone else out there had problems getting decent coverage for their medication?  Not only do I take anti-rejection meds for my kidney transplant but I have Lupus so I take medications for that plus antidepressant and antianxiety meds, high blood pressure meds, heart desease meds and pain meds.  I was informed I am no longer eligible for any Medicare type assistance(A, B, D) so all I have is medicaid.  It won't cover many of my meds stating I am qualified for other insurance(Medicare) I am not qualified for medicare?  Why are these people so DUMB!  Can't anyone get together on what a transplant person gets for insurance and coverage.  We have enough to deal with, without having to worry if we can get our medication.  Since Obamacare dissasembled High Risk insuranc for the chronically ill,  I have been fighting for coverage.  One week I am told one thing(you are covered) the next week is a whole new story.  Sombody please help!  I have been haveing severe depression and suicidal thoughts I can't deal with this anymore! 

























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