Monoclonal antibodies shots

Hi. I have some covid questions. Are monoclonal antibody shot and infusion same or different?. And is it ok to take monoclonal antibodies and molnupiravir at the same time?  When they are administering the infusion or shot and for some reason if it doesn't go intravenously what happens? I know I am asking so many questions. I hope you will enlighten me with the answers.  Thank you.

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    The easy answer would be NO. These are two different remedies for two different groups of people. Monoclonal Antibodies are given to aid in a (short-term - 15 days) infection of Covid, significantly reducing hospitalizations.

    Paxlovid is a cocktail of antivirals, which prevent the virus from replicating and may not be recommended for those that have severe kidney disease. As always, your Tx team can advise you more accurately. The links below should clear up confusion and provide more information. Stay Well!

    Should you Get Monoclonal and Paxlovid Together?


    Article UPMC



    Should I Take Paxlovid If I Get COVID-19? What To Know About Antiviral Treatments For COVID-19
    Taken within five days of experiencing symptoms, Paxlovid can reduce the severity of COVID-19 by 89%. Learn who should take it--along with facts abou…
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