Monolaurin kills viruses

Hi, has anyone here tried monolaurin? It kills CMV and Epstein Barr Virus and other infections and viruses. I would love to continue taking this supplement but not sure if it would be safe for kidney and pancreas patient like myself.

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  • Though this has NOT been tested for any condition by the FDA, there has been little reporting of harmful side-effects. I would NOT expect to use it to combat CMV alone, however, it may assist other treatments to lower your viral load.

    Healthline Article

    Monolaurin: Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects
    What is monolaurin? Learn about this byproduct of coconut fat and its potential benefits for your health.
  • Anyone take this?

  • I have taken monolaurin by itself and also a pill that contained lysine along with monolaurin.

    Everything is in a balancing act within the body.  Too much sugar is not good, not enough sleep is not good and some known fruits could interact with medications.

    Do your research.

    If you get CMV they will give you anti viral drugs. Are anti viral drugs safe for the kidney?

    Research- go to pubmed, talk to a specialist.

    I made a huge mistake years ago,  when I found out i had EBV I tried lysine then stopped because I was afraid that it could boost my immune system. Then instead I tried all sorts of treatments that did not work.  In the end I got chronic rejection because I did not get rid of the virus. 


    • Then I finally got rid of the virus with lysine when I was brave enough to take it consistently.


      • If I had stayed on lysine to begin with, the ebv would have been gone.

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