I had my kidney transplant 2/8/19.  Since April I have had days where my right side (where the new kidney is) will ache, some days worse than others. Even now 6 months later I still have spells where it aches for a day or so, will stop, then start again. My transplant surgeon told me in July that it can take up to a year for some nerves and muscle to heal and that was the source of my pain.  Anybody else have had this problem?  Thanks!

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  • How are you doing Jeffrey? It's 3 months since you posted this. Feeling a bit better? I hope so

  • Hi Jeffrey,

    Yes I too had all kinds of unexplained aches and pains for 2 years after tx and still have them although not so frequently. I always thought it was 'coz I'm over 70 now had my tx in Sept 2016. I even had feelings of slashing pain on my shins & calves under my skin. It was really painful but not as much now. But the Doctors say one has to grin and bear it which I did just being thankful for the gift of life kidney. I'm not lecturing anyone but just want to let you know we have to keep a positive attitude and carry on regardless!



  • I had my kidney transplant about 18 months ago. I still have pain in my right side. Sometimes it is worse than others but it is nearly always there. As long as it doesn't get any worse I have just accepted it.

  • I had nerve pain on the lower right side of my belly, my transplant kidney is on left side though. Due to sudden weight gain post transplant and general pressure on the belly, some nerve was getting pinched. My doctor says that tacrolimus can make nerves sensitive and alsong with weight gai and pressure, pain can come frequently. Its been 6 month post transplant for me so I am hoping with my body adjusting to tacrolimus and managing my weight specially around midrif would ease things going forward.

  • Hi Jeffrey,

    its been 3 months since kidney transplant. It’s gone well but started experiencing this hardening of area more than anything the last few days.  Besides pain, do you feel this or feeling of swelling?  The internet has no answers and doctors are not direct with me. Hoping it’s just nerves and such as they say.   Is your urine output normal?  Anyway, trying to self diagnose.  Does nephrologist tell you your anti rejections r ok?  Anyway, get better soon.  Did u get a urine culture for infection?


  • Hi. I’m post liver transplant (8mos.). I experienced it too and it is muscle and nerves reattaching and healing. Transplant is a serious surgery and it takes the body and hormones some time to readjust. My surgeons say a year plus.

    I wish you prompt healing and much success in your new life!

  • I had a liver transplant and had the same ache.  I was told the same - nerves take time to heal.  I don't remember exactly when it disappeared, but it did.  It was somewhere just over a year when it became very random and then it was gone.

  • I did not have a kidney transplant, but I still had nerves and muscle cut for my multivisceral transplant. In it I received  new small and large intestines along with some others, and the cut nerves were said to be responsible for the trouble I had with diarrhea right after the transplant. I also had bladder issues whose cause was inferred to be from this same problem. The bladder problem went away all of a sudden between the second and third year after my transplant while the diarrhea issue improved a great degree around the same time such that I had to stop all the medication I was taking for the issue because it started to cause the opposite problem. This is interestingly similar to the period of time that  Cora mentions passed until her pains came to an end. My unprofessional guess is that by that time, my nerves and muscles had by then recovered from the surgery. I just wanted to share this with you as a further example of nerves taking awhile to heal and recover after a transplant surgery but also finally doing so. I hope that this ache will resolve too with time and will not cause you any further trouble. I wish you well.

    Warm regards,

  • I don't remember exactly when the pain faded. I used to get short stabbing pains. Whatever form they take, this is most likely due to the regeneration of the damaged muscle tissue and nerves. I agree that the worst of it for me was gone by the end of the first year. But I would still get the odd ache and stab and that stopped totally somewhere between years 2 and 3.

    I know, It not only hurts, but it's a bit scary too. Just know that you will continue to slowly heal for some time to come. So watch for changes, but try not to be paranoid

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