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  • What a story! I wish you many more years ahead. Hugs to you.

  •  Hi Davy. I had a heart transplant on April 5, 2017. Of course recovery is quite a process. It went pretty well at first but one year out I feel worse than ever. I am beginning to worry that my body just cannot tolerate the drugs. Doctors say the heart is fine and all other tests are fine. They are at a loss to explain my lack of energy, mind fuzziness etc. Would you share with me a little bit about your first year of recovery. Thank you.

  • WOW!! Happy Valentine's day to you and to your new HEART!

    I am sharing on Facebook

    Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Wow, great story.  I had my LVAD implanted in April 16 and received a new heart on 12-5-16.  The LVAD was the key to the entire process for me.  It gave me life and enabled me to become mentally and physically ready for the transplant.  Do you have any soreness from where the LVAD’s were implanted?  I get sore from time to time around my rib cage area,  it kind of tightens up.   Been told it’s scar tissue from the ribs that were moved around to allow for the LVAD to be placed.  All going good though.  Not saying i’m A new guy, i’m Just back to my old self.   Hope you’re down no well.  Cheers!!!

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