My Journey - The Next Turn

Hello All,

We all have experienced and endured the twists and turns in our lives, here is the details of my latest life-changing turn, I experienced through  the holiday season.  

About the beginning of December, I noticed a break in the callous on the sole of my foot. I made an appointment with the vascular department of my Tx center, that had been following me because of my peripheral artery disease in my legs. I sought their advice on this issue and after tissue samples were sent to pathology, it was determined that there was no sign of infection. The plan of care was to use a dry dressing with a colligen pad to wait and see if it would heal on its own. I followed instructions, but a week before Christmas,  I noticed signs that more attention was needed. I could not get an appointment for a week or so and braved the weekend at home. By monday, I spiked a fever and had bone-shaking chills and went to the ER for treatment. After examination,  it was determined that I was to lose, my last remaining limb, below the knee. After two very painful surgeries, the job was completed  

While I was remorseful about losing the limb, I am also sad to have "wasted" the many efforts of the vascular team, that worked so hard so that I might keep my leg for so long. I am writing this as I gaze out the window of my rehab hospital, where I will stay for the next few months, and I implore you to look for dangers and call your Tx team at the first sign of an issue beginning.  I wish you all stay safe and stay healthy!


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  • Hi Kidney Boy. So sorry to hear. I hope you are doing a little better. You really are an inspiration to us all and give us hope. You will overcome this latest setback , sending my best wishes to you. 

    • Thank you for the well wishes,  I am recovering well and getting stronger everyday. "I shall return!" I am scheduled to  leave rehab to a sub-acute facility within a week, pending bed availability. Stay Well my friend!

  • KB you have been an inspiration and a mentor to all of us. While I am sad to hear of the hardships you are going through, your positivity and attitude are inspirational. I wish you a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Thank you for the well wishes, Mani. I am getting stronger everyday and am preparing to transfer to a sub-acute facility soon, the next step in returning home, within a month. I am fortunate to be able to tap into the inner strength we all possess to overcome such an event. My spirits are always lifted by hearing from members like yourself,  though maybe not because of events like this one. Stay Well my friend! 

  • Sad to know KB. You are an inspiration and guide to many of us. You have been a fighter and will definitely overcome this challenge. My best wishes are with you. God bless!  

    • Thank you Vatsala, for your best wishes! I only posted my story to warn others to beware, as we are all immuno-suppressed and little issues become massive in short order.  I hope all our member will be vigilant and live happy long lives in good health. Stay Well my fried!


  • Hey there KB. All the best to you. I know how hard it is when life throws you another curve ball. I spent 10 days in hospital over Christmas and was released New Years Eve. I wish us both smooth sailing in our recoveries. We deserve it but we're also going to work for it. Know that you've got a big cheering section here pulling for you

    • Thank you for for the kind words, Cora. We must be kindred spirits.  Through our pain, we gain compassion for others and seek to help. I very much value you as a contributing member. May continue to shine for many, many years!

  • Hey KidneyBoy you have such a great spirit.  I am thinking about you and hoping you get out of there and back home soon.  Hospitals and rehab centers are not the best places to get a good night's sleep!   I'm sending you my best vibes and best wishes.

    • This IS the best place for me now. Just the right amount of challenge and encouraging to erase the weakness I allowed myself to fall into.Thank you for the well wishes and stay well!

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