I am so excited! UCLA received my medical records 2 days after I saw my pulmonary doctor. A coordinator said I can expect a call after these are reviews. I asked if they received everything. He said if they need something they will call my doctor.This was on the 7th of July.

He also mentioned I may have to have a right and left heart cath. 

My quesion is how long should I wait to hear from them?

Oh and this is for a lung transplant. 

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  • I read this a lot - turning down patients. I don't understand this concept (I am from India). Aren't hospitals bound by law to treat a sick patient at their doors? Unless of course if the patient couldn't afford the treatment, that's a different case.

    Can someone please explain this to me..

    • Dear Deniz

      Some patients are not a good candidate for transplant regardless if they can afford to pay for a transplant or not. I would imagine that would be the case for anyone who needed a transplant wherever they live.

  • Hi Nan. ;How are you doing?  Was thinking of you. and was hoping to hear that you got your lung transplant?

    Keep well


  • Keep trying and do not give up.

    take care

    prayer and wishes

  • I will be thinking of you Nan.  Let us know what happen's

  • It's wonderful that you finally know when you will be receiving the call. I hope all will turn out well for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. If you do not mind, let us know how it goes for you. Many hugs.

  • UPDATE!  I called the UCLA transplant coordinator this week and he said I would get a call for a consultation with a Doctor next week! I sure hope this means they are considering me and I fly through the hoops and hurdles. I am more than ready to be put of the list. I can only believe in miracles and blessings.

    • You have a beautiful spirit and I am sure that the doctors will add that to your chart too.

  • Wishing you the BEST Nan.  You go! What a great spirit you have.

    Are you practicing Energy medicine?

    Regarding the call, relax and let them contact you but if you get impatient after a few weeks, it does not hurt to call.

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