My Long-term Kidney Transplant

My name is Pat. I am a successful recipient for 41+ years of a kidney transplant from a deceased donor. 

I believe the subject of kidney disease and organ donation is topical these days!  I recently published a book, "Life Temporarily Interrupted: Her Kidneys Failed; She Didnt Quit." It tells about the lost of my kidneys to an antibiotic, and of the challenges and obstacles that I faced along the way, and of my success over health and having another chance at life. 

The book was written as a useful support resource, and to inspire the general reader and it's intended target audience - those living with kidney disease or failure, on dialysis, awaiting a transplant or perhaps, recently having received a transplant from a living or non-living donor.

It is available online in print format at  However, when you purchase through "" and chooses to support the Transplant Recipient International Organization (TRIO), a portion of the purchase price would be donated to the aforementioned organization. (This option must be done BEFORE placing the order.)

There is so much to tell, it would have taken up too much space to write in a forum., so I was encouraged by family, friends and others to convert my unique story in a book.  


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  • Hi pat thanks for sharing your story and God bless you so much.  Please kindly share your medications list you are presently taking. Thanks

    • Ms. Patsy Blades graced us here as an administrator. I am so very thankful to her for sharing her experience. She will be missed!

  • Oh.... really inspiring, Pat.... I just recd a living unrelated transplant last month... now going thru the healing phase... my dream in life is to see my little baby daughter grow up and living happily..... from ur story... I think I can fulfil my dream... she is only 2 years as of now..

    • Hi Raina.  

      Thanks for you message.  Think positive, follow your medical team instructions, and you will fulfill your dream(s). 

      I've come a long way. I encourage people that they can do the same, especially with new the technology, etc. that is available today.

      I'm not usually on line like I did before.  I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration a year ago. My vision is blurred most of the time, and makes it difficult for me to read (even though the strength of my glasses are much stronger).  

      Raina, I wish you many years of a gr8 healthy kidney and may all your dreams be realized.


  • Thanks Patsy, 

    Inspiring story, I have ordered the book online. It has paper copy as of now.  Mine is 3rd year of kidney transplant.   

    • Thanks Manoj for your kind words and ordering the book.  

      I wish you many, many years of gr8 heath and that your kidney functions acceptionably well as you go on this journey with so many of us.  


  • wow!!! it's amazing to hear people sharing their experiences and their journey with a transplanted kidney. I had a kidney TX last year and knowing that some people had theirs for 41 years had really boost my morale. thanks for inspiring others who had same experiences. 

  • hi i have also had my kidney transplant for 41 years now

    • Hi what medications are you taking at present. I am very happy for you. God bless you so much. Thanks

  • Happy Anniversary and may your life continue to bless everyone you meet.

    Thank you for being an inspiration to so many people.

    LOVE and HUGS!


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