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My name is Rick. I had Kidney donor surgery in Kingston, Ontario, Canada Nov. 2006. for my identical twin brother. I woke up from surgery to find my wife and brother standing beside my bed and found out they could not take my kidney. I was heart broken. I felt as though I failed and let him down. Three months later I was back to work and my brother got a kidney in June 2007. He is doing OK now. Then in the fall of 2007 I was told I had PSC. I got as yellow as a banana and itchy as crap for about a year. May 9th 2008 I got my first liver transplant at Toronto General. Home in 4 days. Then the liver failed (DVT, blood clot in main vein) and I was back in the hospital and received my second transplant on july 14th. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks before and 4 weeks after the second transplant. Not good at all. I was 168lbs before my first transplant and after my second one I was down to 117lbs. Back up to 165lbs now. A lot of complications from the antirejection drugs that did not happen after the first transplant. I'm doing pretty good now but still have a lot of side effects. I thank both my donors every day. O ya I also have had chrons since I was 15 years old. Has anyone else been told they shoud retire?

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  • Happy Birthday Rich, wishing that all your birthday wishes come true.

  • Hello Rick

    Welcome to Transplant Friends. Thank you for sharing your story. You mentioned you have chrons. Do you have recurring episodes or was this excerbated by the transplant drugs?
    Did your doctors tell you to eat yogurt or take acidolphilus for the chrons? Just curious as to what you do to help your digestive tract since Chrons affects your intestinal tract.

    I too had two double lung transplants. I can empathize with regarding the chrons because living with Cystic Fibrosis If I do not eat correctly, my GI tract will suffer greatly. I believe because of my healthy diet, I am free from GI discomforts of the past. I believe this is very important now that I am taking medications daily.

    We have quite a few liver transplant veterans around here. You can search for liver transplant and write to these folks or keep posting messages and they will find you.

    • When I was 15, there was 3 boys including me that camped at the same trailer park that were diagnosed with chrons the same summer. I have been very lucky, no surgery just meds. Alot of pain. and the dreaded scopes. I just stay away from spicey food and pork. It has been under control for years now. nice talking to you. Stay well
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