Need a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Hello Everyone,

I have been using cylinders and big O2 concentrator so long. Recently I have been advised to use a portable Oxygen Concentrator, which can be used even in-flight. Please advice which concentrator would you recommend- Airsep/Philips/etc...?? My current Oxuygen needs are about 3-4 ltrs/min continuos flow.

Where can I buy one from and what is the approx cost??

Best regards,

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  • There are no portable oxygen concentrators that will supply more than 3 liters continuous.

    They all used pulsed (on demand) mode with higher flows. Nowadays, you can get a SmartDose conserver, which will supply what you need, but if you need more than 3 liters continuous, you will need either a LOX (liquid), or compressed cylinders. You also need to check if they will work for you while sleeping, since many concentrators on pulsed mode, will not work if you are a shallow breather.

    Here is a great comparison table of currently available POC's (Portable Concentrators), as of 3/26/12:

    There is also an excellent web site that will explain all your options (Everything you wanted to know, but didn't know what to ask):

  • Can you contact the American Lung association? If they cannot help you perhaps they might have a suggestion for you. I wish you the best!  Does your hospital have a program or know of a program that can help you?


    Contact the National Transplant Fund

  • I recieved my left lung on Nov 10, 2010 and a right on Jan 19,2011. I was supposed to be able to function well with one lung and my right should have gone dormant, it continued to try to function and supplied about 30% of blood to me without oxygen in it. Created huge problems. I had IPF and had my transplants at Duke. Yes it is an Evergo. May find good used ones in some supply stores or on EBAY.

    Hope all goes well for you


  • Dear Jim,


    Thank you for your kind reply. Was it Evergo model from Respironics?? My insurance does not cover any costs for oxygen concentrator neither does my insurance would cover the cost for my visit to US, transplant outside the country. So it all has to be out of my pocket expenses.


    By the way, where did you get your Transplants dones?? How long you been with the new pair ?? How do you feel ?? I am sure it owul dbe a great feeling to live without the nasal canula.. ! :)

  • Sushila, before my transplants I used a Respironics that would give up to 5 ltrs. I also had additional batteries to back me up when needed. Don't know if it they have continous but believe they should. Be sure and check insurance and see if you have medical devices covered to some extent. I also had problems with insurance and supplier being in bed together doubling the listed cost on the internet for it I went out of network and worked with a local supplier who helped me play their game and got mine for about $400.00 of pocket.

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