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Need Assistance with Research!

Hello everyone,

I'm Akash. I am working on a project for school. I am researching sites like TransplantFriends, Facebook, and a few others, in order to determine if they meet the needs of people with transplants. Perhaps there can are improvements that can be made? 

I'd like to talk with people here about their experiences finding transplant support groups online. 

A bit about me: I was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease in 2004. It affected my kidneys, but I had enough kidney function to avoid dialysis. I was getting very close to dialysis in 2016, but I got very lucky and received a transplant in May 2016. 



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  • Hello everyone,

    Here is a link to a survey I have created. I would greatly appreciate your participation! The questions typically concern your thoughts and experiences with the Transplant Friends website. 

    Note: You can leave and return to the survey, your results will be saved.

  • Perhaps you should make a list of questions about what information you want and post it as a questionnaire to receive more replies.

    • That's a good idea, thanks Kidneyboy. I will do that.

  • Friendly bump. Still looking to interview! :)

  • can you please do a research on why its hard for a transplant patient to be get placed in a job..

  • Hey Akash...Happy that you are good now..

  •  Hello Akash,

    I have been living with a Tx long enough to remember when there was no social media network for transplant patients.  I feel TxFriends and others allow patients to connect and share experiences, removing some of the apprehension  and worry from the event.  Social sites now match donors with recipients, shedding light on the process.  I also believe these changes are very beneficial to all recipients.

  • Hi Akash, I am a UX Researcher so I think that it is great that you are conducting User Experience Research like this! I just recently had a transplant and would love to help you. Are you talking to people individually or looking for feedback here, on this forum?

    • Hi Sue, thank you for the reply. I'm in school studying HCI. UX Research is my career goal! I am talking with people individually. I would really appreciate talking with you. 

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