New Shingles Vaccine -Shringrex

Has anyone heard any information pros or cons about the new Shringrex vaccine, and has anyone received this vaccine as yet?  How does your transplant team feel about it?  Do the recommend it or not?  Thanks for any info you can offer.  


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  • Had both injections in the last 6 months.  Felt kind of crummy the next day, but otherwise no ill effects.

  • I wish I had had it before TX - most likely will when 50 since had Shinges post TX - brutal.

    Seems safe based on what I have read - Docs decide of course.  Not a Live virus.


  • Good news travels fast, except in the medical field The new vaccination SHINGRIX from Glaxo-Smith-Kline is safe for many organ transplant recipients, There are certain conditions where it should not be administered. It is relatively new and some medical professionals may be reluctant to recommend it. Know the facts. Please read and discuss with your doctor.


    Shingrix is a "dead" virus vaccination - NCBI info

    What everyone should know about the Shingrix vaccine

    Discover SHINGRIX
    Discover how SHINGRIX works to help protect you against shingles by strengthening your immune system.
  • Hi, my partner is a kidney transplant person and  was told she cannot receive this because it is a “live” vaccine.

  • My Transplant team told me Not to to take the shingles shots no kind of live vaccince shot.

  • hi


    I am 7 month kidney transplant all is well 

    Can i go out for work in local area?

    My work is in polluted areas.e.g live stock areas like sheeps cows




  • I am too young for the initial indication group so no experience with shot.  Quick limited data review suggests rates of graft failure are the same as placebo.  My group suggested it when turn 50.

    But Shingles - I was over immunosupp for a few weeks due to medication change and got Shingles and it is no joke.  Hits us really hard ibviously.  I have also continued to have chronic pain since my bout - which my doctors all cannot decide why (maybe FibroM).

    • If it's in the region of the shingles, it could be nerve damage from the virus. My husband had shingles 25 years ago and still has some pain to the touch along his sides where he broke out.


  • I haven't had it yet, but my center (U of Minnesota in Minneapolis) says it's fine as it's a dead vaccine.

  • Last week, I asked my transplant doctor at Northwestern what their stance was on Shringrex.  They told me it is safe for transplant patients.  They do not have the data to project the efficacy of the vaccine on immune supporessed patients yet.  I plan to get it from my family physician, but I do know that there is a shortage of the first shot.  Current projection is January before the vaccine will be available. 

    My wife also wants the shingles vaccine.  We were told that it is best if she also gets Shringrex. If she gets the live vaccine, we should be very careful about contact for a couple of days.


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