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New transplant,Anxiety attack and Vertigo

Hi guys im just new in the group. Im 7months post first months of my transplant was doing good, i feel much better. But when I was in my 5th month,things started to get a bit odd..there are times when out of the blue I felt nervous, at first,i thought my kidney was having signs of rejevction,so i started to panic, feeling that i can’t breathe, dizziness then i  started feeling cold,shaking..then my bp rises w/palpitations.i contact immediately my transplant team,my nephro referred me to a neurologist & found out that i’m having anxiety attack. And until now there are series of attacks, at first i was able to manage it w/o medication..but now its hard to control, so im taking anti anxiety drug in small dose as needed. Also i have Vertigo that won’t go away.My labtest are good.crea is 0.8, tacro level is between 5-7 but more fixed in 6.2 level. I need higher level bec. I had antibodies and minor match w/my donor. Does anyone have the same experience as mine? I mean im so clueless of whats going on, my doctor told me theres nothing to worry but still when i feel different, its hard not to worry. I have to live for my son..for my family..any of your replies are much appreciated.THANK YOU!

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  • Ayee Lee, the anxiety is normal. I promise, it will subside though it may take more time than you are happy with, however I would rule out the physical problems with the vertigo before I entertained only anxiety causing it. There are lots of possible reasons for it so research, see doctors, consider diet etc.. We all come out thinking differently than when we went into that operating room. You will notice suttle changes as time goes on. I am post tx and after almost four years, due to some truamatic problems caused by physicians, I can finally say I am happy again. You are good.  Congratulations and it is a journey but don't sprint it; just know you will come out on the other side.


  • Hey, this is really good to know about your recovery from transplant surgery and got a new chance to live life. It is seen in many of the patient, that they built up anxiety issues. One of my friends faced a similar problem and the experts advised him to avoid consuming any antidepressant instead, practice some meditation, exercise, and some get some motivation and additional info from voyance direct readers who helped him get over the anxiety and provided a path to live life. You can also try out such counseling and overcome the anxiety issue.

  • Hello Ayee,

    Firstly, congratulations on receiving your Tx, getting a second chance at life is a truly unique experience. Having with a Tx is also very traumatic and we all react differently to the initial "shock," of post surgery and recovery. That is a lot of stress that must be resolved eventually.

    Three months, with a successful Tx, is a landmark. Appointment schedules begin to be less intense, medication doses start to drop (side effects too,) and hopefully the recipient starts to feel more stable and less stunned.  Few, if any, ever feel the start of organ rejection, though we always live with the fear of it occurring.  Timely blood work will reveal the condition of the Tx, and your results look very good. I do not discount the psychoactive effects of the barrage of medications, we all must take, adding to the stress levels.  Developing skills to manage anxiety is not guaranteed or something the Tx team can bestow upon you, rather experience dealing with issues provides strength to press on. I would ask if you are stressed at a time when no major issue is occurring, where will you be when one does arrive?

    It may help to direct your attention and focus, perhaps on family and loved ones. Vivid memories of happier times and gatherings are what allowed me to fully recover and be less consumed by immediate events. My focus on my young sons has pulled me through many difficult situations.

    My faith in God has not only allowed me to accept all to live this life but opened my eyes to how blessed I am to still be alive and enjoy every moment of the journey. I do hope you can, by whatever means, find the focus to remain calm and begin to enjoy the life you have fought for. You didn't start on this journey, to be consumed by the twists and turns of the road ahead. Stay Well.

    • Hello Kidneyboy,

      Thank you very much for the inspiring and enlightening messages! To your questions, it just came out of the blue, when i’m watching tv or even when im about to go to bed,anxiety attacks me.Even if im not thinking or worrying about what might happen w/my new kidney in the future..anxiety attacks me, my doctor told me that even if im not thinking about it, my subconscious mind is the culprit. i always overthink and always an advance thinker. Maybe thats the problem. Since, im just staying home and not able to go back to work yet  due to vertigo that won’t go away.i dont have any diversion! My mind just evolves in that 4 corners of my room, inside the house,in the garden,i do come out sometimes,but my vertigo keeps me disabled. I cant drive or even walk or cross alone the streets coz i might be hit by a car or something. But in times like this Prayer helps me a lot..i know i can make it through,with God..everything is possible.Pls.include me in your prayers.thanks a lot. 

      • All the same, I would press your Tx team for more answers. It seems beyond mild annoyance and has become a debilitating condition, which I believe deserves some attention. It is best to eliminate any possible physiological or medical issue that may be making life unbearable first, before letting a new medication start. Please do not settle, you owe it to yourself and your donor to make this life as good as it can be.   

  • Definitely sounds like anxiety.  Not familiar with it myself, as I never had that.  I placed myself in the hands of God and just went along for the ride.  There's noting you can do to change the outcome so don't worry and fret or be anxious.  Relax.  Be at peace.  Give thanks for your life.  The anxiety will pass and you will be well.

    • Thank you Steve! What i am now, my second life,everything-I owe it to God. And i firmly believe that I can do all things through HIM. Whatever the future may bring, I know GOD is always with me.

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