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Norovirus outbreak on campus

Hello, everyone,

So, I am at college full-time now and working part-time on campus. Recently, we've had an outbreak of the norovirus, along with an influenza outbreak (as many other areas have experienced).  I am there from 9am-7pm most days. I commute, so I am not staying in the dorms, but I am still petrified. My counts have been really good so that's been my saving grace. Should I wear a mask, or how far should I take precautions? It is super hard to avoid people in college. I am a tutor so I am often in close contact with students. Handsanitizer is virtually useless against enveloped viruses such as the norovirus, so I've been washing my hands quite often, but it is hard to stay as clean as I'd like to. I've been showering as soon as I come home to try to stay clean that way too. 

Any other precautions I should be taking? It is super hard and I don't want to put my health at risk!

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  • Everyone has offered great advice and I agree with you about not eating meals prepare there.  I will just add, your immune system is suppressed, not eliminated.  Using proper precautions will allow you to lower your risk. You could live in a bubble, but what fun would that be?

  • You can always wear a stylish mask as some small level of protection.  Hand sanitizer is your friend - with hand washing.  Investing a few dollars in products that work best for you is important.  Do they smell, dry, chap,etc.  I like the citrus smell with the sanitizer I use and it is in my car, home and a few in backpack.  Norovirus or not, prevention and wellness in all ways will benefit greatly.

    Developing routine/strategy can make your life much easier.  You soon will not think about your "protection measures" as they will just be a part of who you are - and they will be non negotiable.  You never have to explain why you are a super clean person - it is a nice trait to have.

    Consider food safety as well.  Beisdes eating healthy make sure your food is fresh and safe.

  • As with many things in life, all you can do is reduce your risk.  Many examples such as washing your hands constantly as you do.  You can certainly wear a mask, but that is inconvienient and not me. 

    Bonnie's advise is sound.

    The CDC recommends alcohol based hand sanitizers in addtion to hand washing.  Google up the virus and read all the precautions.  Norovirus is even on and food?!  Maybe avoid campus prepared meals?

    Check out your students and don't tutor one that is coughing, wheezing, or "looks" sick.  Avoid it if at all possible.  Stay out of large crowds in close spaces if possible.  

    I've wondered about teachers post-transplant.  Young school kids are little germ factories that spread everything.  I'd consider changing jobs!

  • Never touch your eyes, nose or mouth without a tissue.

    During outbreaks or with large crowds wear a mask. 

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