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  • Yes. My one lasting complication from a kidney transplant is numbness around the transplant area and my mid section. A year out I was told it would likely get better but I notice it gets worse when I exercise. I approach it this way: if that’s the price I pay for health, energy and the prospect of longevity it’s a great deal. I hope it reduces for you and it’s manageable.

  • Hey, Sophie! I had my transplant 12/11/2017. Initially I had no feeling around my "mercedes scar" ;) Five months later I can report that I've slowly been getting more feeling back in that area. My transplant team explained that they had cut through quite a bit of muscle and nerves and 'ya just have to have patience... The patience part is the hardest part for me, however, so far it seems that this is truly the case for me. I do eat a lot of protein and have slowly gone back to a core workout regime to strengthen my whole body --- but with focus on that area too. Hang in there! Mel.


  • I'm 2-1/2 years post liver transplant and still have some numbness.  Also, when showering and I have the water hot, it's not so bad when rinsing the front side where they cut me open, but when I turn around to rinse my back the water temp is much hotter.  They said the loss of feeling there may or may not come back over time.  It's better than right after surgery but not completely gone.  As others have stated, small price to pay for the gift of life!

    Merry Christmas All!


  • I recently had one of my 6 month dermatology appointments with a new MD. He asked if my heart TP scar hurt or ITCHED (it is numb) it didn’t but he did say they could relieve pain or itch. So ask your dermatologist BUT OF COURSE DONT LET THEY GIVE SNY MEDICATIPN WITHOUT CONFIRMING WITH YOUR TRANSPLANT TEAM !!!!!
  • Same on my d lung in 2010. Still numb. Doesn’t have any effect on me
  • Thank you guys, Merry Christmas and thank you for all the great info. My numb area also itches. I hope everything is going great with your transplants.

  • Had a liver transplant Feb of this year. Yes, I’m numb around the scar. I expected that, though. I had a knee replacement 13 years ago ( in my 40s’) and that scar is still numb. And itches!
  • Hi Sophie,
    I am 6 months post op & have the same numbness just under the lower scare. My team also told me it was nerve damage & may heal or not a small price to pay for a new life. Good luck and Merry Xmas.
  • I had double lung in 12/2014 and the scar across my chest is numb due to nerve cutting. It also severed some muscle attachments so my chest flexes kind of funny.
    I also have numbness is areas on my feet and shins, largely due to meds. But at 3 yrs, yes I still have that
  • 4 years post tx and still numb in some spots.  Guess they had to cut through some nerves.  No biggie.  But it is a tad odd that a numb spot can still itch!  And you can't scratch it.  What's up with that?

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