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Omega-3 (fish/krill oil) for Osteoarthritis Pain

Having some pain in both thumbs and left knee.  I know I have osteoarthritis.  Doc has offered that he could give me cortizone shots every 6-months into the joints, but I don't really want to do that.  At least no yet.  But the knee pain is keeping me from my walks and this will start affecting my health.  Need an answer.

I've read that some folks have found relief with Omega-3.  My question, though, is if anyone else has experience with how Omega-3 might affect meds and labs?  

My meds:  I take Myfortic and Prograf for liver TX.  And, I'm already taking glocosomine, chondroitin, and MSM which has helped some.

Any insight appreciated.

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  • I take Omega-3 and saw no difference in my labs.  I too am a liver transplant on the same meds.  My hepatologist knows I take it and my family doctor recommended it.  He said it lowers risk of a cardiac event by about 2% for men over 60.  Even if it doesn't help the osteoarthritis it may help in other ways. 

  • Hi Steve

    I bought this Krill oil today- I happen to think that Dr. Mercola gives out great advice - I learn so much from him.  Before he became a doctor he was a liver transplant coordinator

    • I bought this bottle and decided to practice my muscle testing against my drugs and I came up with a poor answer.

      Perhaps I have been taking too many supplements and it is my body not wanting this supplement or there is a drug interaction with prograf and cellcept.

      For now I am going to give my bottle to my husband. 

      I cannot say if this will be true for you. I just felt obligated to share what I have found.

      • News I can use.  Thanks, Rise !  But, I think I'm going to give the krill a try.  

    • Thanks for the recommendation.  Cool that a TX Cord would become a doctor.  

      FYI:  I've googled up how to make krill oil but not finding anything.  Apparently it's a huge secret.

      • Very funny lol

  • My kidney transplant was 8 yrs ago at Vanderbilt. I was given a list of "Do Not Take" OTC meds; Glucosamine & Chrondrotin are on that list. I definitely need something in addition to Tylenol to soothe pain & am encouraged that these supplements may have been approved. Hopefully, we can get relief from arthritis pain.
    • Mimi,

      I got a similar list, but Glucosamine & Chrondroitin (G&C) were not on it.  I called to ask about G&C and was told Chondroitin was OK.  I took 1200 mg/day of chondroitin and it has helped immennsely with the left knee.  I even got my Mom on it and it works for her, too.  2-years later I've started with having pain problems in both thumbs and asked about talking Glocosamine, also.  They're inital reaction was mostly no, but I told them I HAD to do something and offer to  take the Glucosomine and do labs weekly for a month and see what it shows.  Hey, it was that our surgery!  Did G&C for two months now and the labs are all OK, no change.  So I'm now taking a capsule that has Glucosomine, chondroitin, MSM.  This is a fairly common combo.  

      The thumbs are better but still some pain and loss of strength.  But, I've read it takes up to 3-months for the glucosomine to kick in.  That is why I'm wanting to add in some Krill oil to fight the inflamation.

      I would discuss it with the TX team, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  Pain is a huge motivator.  I have a pain tolerance that is off the scale high, but it wears you down eventually.

      God bless and be well!

  • I take Krill oil and my labs are steady. I just started taking MSM and can tell that my muscle tone has improved plus I noticed less aches and pains from muscle tears or my famous mistake sleeping and turning my neck toward the left which leaves me feeling stiff and sore the next day.

    So I have high hopes for MSM.  I just read that it is best to take an organic brand of MSM so I just bought one yesterday.

    Why don't you have your posture and walking evaluated. Some people do not walk correctly which can set up all sorts of aches and pains.

    Hope you feel better

    • Thank you, Rise'.   I think I'll give the krill juice a try.  I've seen an othro surgeon last year and he thought walking was OK.  No issues there.  

      On a side note:  I'd say that overall I've been blessed and fortunate.  The TX went well.  Overall my health is very good.  But the nagging little medical problems and pain is starting to wear me down.  I'm tired.

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