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Hi Friends,


I have been suffering from severe one sided headache that too only when Im trying to sleep or I keep my head on bed.

In day time i dont feel any headache. is anyone facing such problem. Plz help.

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  • My pillow used to feel like concrete from time to time and I used to get headaches and major debilitating migraines. In the beginning, I would have to go to the hospital were they had a cocktail for me. They would immediately put me in a dark room with a pan to continue vomiting, until a bed was open, leaving me with, give or take, twenty more minutes of hell. When in bed, I would get intravenous diladid and zofran, which would immediately abate alll symptoms and allow me to go home and sleep the rest off. I eventually graduated to only needing sublingual Zofran and Vicodin but I was still extremely sick. I remember, when my pillow felt hard, I knew a migraine might be on the horizon. Thank God, this is all over and headache free. I said all this, to say, your headaces will probably stop but may take some time. Until them, narcotics or other Meds work if you only need them intermittently.

  • Since my transplant, I have also had on occasion a problem with developing headaches only at night too. One problem for me was that I had two different pillows, and when I slept on one of them, this was sure to cause a headache later in the night. This pillow did not seem to be as supportive or in as good of condition as the other pillow. I still get a headache at night every once and a while, but once I stopped sleeping on the one pillow, it has become much less frequent. Perhaps your head needs better support like mine, and a different pillow might help. I mention this just in case it might be of use. I hope that you can find a solution that will help. May you soon get some relief!

    Warm regards,

  • When I had my transplant I had simular headaches ,My wife purchased a recliner and I sleped on it  and it helped me.   Good Luck

  • It might b bcz of medicines..

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