One week old transplant

Hi all - I've been a member for a little while but didn't have much to contribute until now. 

I had my kidney transplant 4/27 from a living donor (someone that goes to my church but I don't know them). He's a lot bigger than I am and the kidney was a tight fit, but the doctors all tell me that bigger kidneys are better all around. I guess they're easier to connect, work better and right away  etc. 

The surgery went well and the kidney started working in the OR -  1 liter every 30 mins. They called me the "poster child for kidney transplant" on the unit. :)  I stayed in the hospital for 5 days and had a transfusion before I was discharged due to low hemoglobin.

I'm adapting OK to the immunosuppressive  meds - tacrolimus and myfortic - I guess. I have to ton of heartburn, sweats and insomnia, I hope those aren't permanent.

The only concern I have is I'm still bleeding through 2-3 pads every day from my incision. I have staples and the top part is fine but the incision over the bladder area is bleeding constantly. I've told the transplant clinic but they aren't too concerned - i think they are not grasping how much bleeding there is 11 days out of surgery. I also have a tremendous amount of bruising, my skin is dark purple from my pubic bone to my hip to my belly button. I also have a lot of pain still and everyone told me that I should be done with that by now. I see the surgeon this Friday but I'm wondering if I seem like I'm not healing as well as I should be or am I just being impatient? I'm so anxious to feel better, to see what it feels like to have a good kidney but I'm plagued with the feeling that I'm stuck in the process. 

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  • Hey there. I hope in the last few weeks the insomnia has dissipated. From my experience (a year out) I found it was acute at first then gradually got better and I could sleep. The main thing is you are the best expert on your own body and don’t hesitate to speak up based on that expertise. Congrats and hope all is well!

  • Congratulations 

    call the center again and ask for an appointment

  • Mine was liver transplant, so I cannot speak to kidneys.  But, that does sound like a lot of bleeding. At just 11 days out I was still in the hospital!!!  But glad you got out so fast. 

    I'd be nervous too, but you are likley just fine since the Team is not concerned.  

    Still, If you are really nervous just call and tell them you're coming in!  Or just show up!  They'll see you.

    • Thank you Steve - I'm probably just a worrier. I did s little reading last night - some forum about tummy tuck and hysterectomy surgeries and came to the conclusion that this bleeding is probably a draining hematoma due to what these people described which sounds similar to mine. I put s heating pad on the bruising which seems to be fading it more quickly and noticed the blood is very dark - almost black/brown which would make sense if it's a bruise draining.

      Wow you were still in 11 days after transplant? I had no idea it was that long for liver transplant. Are you doing well? Thanks for your reply :) 

      • Are you taking protonix or something as I am still on it 2 years post Tx for the heartburn/GERD that the meds gave me.

        And I was in 2 months post Tx so everyone has a different arrival and departure for sure lol.  But we are here so it is pretty awesome.

        And worse case you have it looked at.  You never have to worry about eliminating a concern you may have.  I couldn't advise on bleeding as mine too was liver.

        • Myfortic is one of my meds, and yes, it requires I take Protonix to prevent the gut upset Myfortic can deliver.  I tried stopping it a couple times and the next day I dont' feel so good.  So I take Protonix.

      • I was in the hospital 14-days, then in an apartment just a block away for 6 more weeks before I came home.  Wow!  That was a long time away. I'm now 5-years post tx and doing just fine.  No problems at all!


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