Onion, is it possiable?

Dr. Salman (heat treatment). : I'd love to hear anyone say: (I have him heat) heat treatment without drugs: ... There was a man tells his story when he was young, lying in the hospital between life and death is suffering from high fever. When he visited his grandmother in the hospital asked the family members to bring a large onion and a pair of white cotton socks. She cut up the onions, then put a slice of onion under each foot from his feet and then placed his feet in white cotton socks. When I wake up early in the morning had removed the novelty socks onion slices were black and fever vanished..? In 1919 a.d. When influenza killed about 40 million people were doctors looking at farms for farmers and their families in an attempt to rescue them and help them from this deadly disease, but they arrive too late and died.!? One doctor was amazed when he visited the farmer and his family only to discover that they are all the best of health and well-being. He asked the doctor how? Farmer's wife replied: to put it in every room in the House have broken two unpeeled in a dish. The doctor asked to take one onion onions to examine them under a microscope (microscope) to discover the surprise that the flu Microbe exists in the onion. As the onions absorb bacteria subhaanaka Austin per Sunday. Issue of interest!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the children became handicapped since the age of 10 months and do you know why? Baby heat hit it took his mother unfortunately clinic if they know the information which I will tell you them now and not be disabled boy in a wheelchair now 22 years old and knows a care home where the living brain cells have been frozen because of the ice compresses to head directly to the clinic risk khtarisbb damage in brain cells, but the water is plain from the faucet so the brothers habieet convey this information. And God a lot don't know her in hospital, beware of ice and cold water and bring it to balance our handsome (Amen Amen Amen) important information sent to you as I received ... ¤ disturb you hemorrhoids and gets tired? * ~ some grains of dried figs feel tired? * ~ ٱشرب of orange juice * infected with fungus? * ~ more than eating garlic * annoyed heartburn? * ~ I drink Chamomile infusion * brings pain in your head? * ~ eating potatoes * experiencing high cholesterol levels? * ~ chomp Ewer has (pear) allergy symptoms are bothering you? * ~ you pineapple gets tired joints? * ~ make sure to eat sesame of new information (the first time I know a): washing with rain from healing magic touch and eye, proof that rain repellent for Devils: {and descend upon you from heaven, water to purify you and go you torment the devil and connects to your hearts and sets its foot} [Anfal: 24] (Translated by Bing)

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  • I read about this on snopes - didn't read it all, but the whole onion thing is apparently bogus. Sorry. Wish it were that easy

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