Optimal protein intake

Hello folks, 

I have a strong curiosity in regards in max protein intake. Having a kidney transplant I'm well versed in how contradicting high amounts can be, but I'm also aware of how low intake can have negative effects as well.i do exercise regularly and would like to gain a few more pounds.

If y'all can provide any insight that you've discussed w/ your transplant team I'd be grateful. 

Side note. There was a community member named Cisco kidney who was very consistent w/ his diet and exercise regime. Haven't seen new posts from him though.

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  • I do workout and take whey protein isolate and  120g protein in a day 

  • I have always been schooled by my Tx team o stay on a renal diet, that is low sodium, fixed protein (4 - 6 oz/meal), and with no concentrated sugars to maintain kidney function. It is best to consult your Tx to "tailor-make" your diet to your goals. They have the experience and know you best!

    NCBI Review

    NKF Guidelines/info

    Long-term protein intake control in kidney transplant recipients: effect in kidney graft function a…
    Am J Kidney Dis. 2003 Mar;41(3 Suppl 1):S146-52.
  • I’d like to remind you that we have only one kidney. I try not to eat much meat as before. But I still gain weight if I don’t control the food portions and exercises. 

    Everyone is different. 

    Takd care. 

  • My K and other labs are all normal. I know .8 - 1gram/lb is out of the question. It's just studies are very limited in what an "optimal" amount is for the transplant community.

  • It is a tough one especially for those who exercise often.

    I had a Liver Tx but do have CKD.  I was up higher at about 120g as I needed to gain about 40 pounds after my Tx and complications.  I am around 90g on workout days.  Down around 50 usual days.  I only change by supplementing on workout days - really does feed the muscles and help with soreness. Majority comes from food though.

    Potassium is my main enemy in my diet, have always watched sugar and sodium.


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