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Oral Ulcer

My Kidney transplant was 7 months back.  All values were normal on the montly follow ups. Now I have 3 painful ulcers on the toungue and difficult to have food.

I have 1000 mg MMF 2 times, Perdinisone 10 mg and 1 mg Tacrolimus 2 times. Tac value 9 and WBC 4.1

Anybody have similar issues?

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  • I  am 5 years out from Kidney transplant. About 2years ago I started experiencing painful, multiple mouth ulcers.The mouth ulcers were treated with swallowing Nystatin 4 times per day. I would be fine for a short time, then they would reappear(PAIN). At this point I wanted to reduce the immunosuppresion but first I started gargling with the Nystatin.The last year I haven’t had any mouth sores and continue to swish 1tablespoon twice a day. 

    • Thanks for sharing.


      Yes the Mycophenolate Mofetil (MMF/Cellcept) side effect is this oral ulcers. After reducing the dose temporarily, this ulcers goes away. Then the Doc increase the dose back to original 1000 mg twice a day.

      This is the 2nd time I got this ulcers in 7 months post Transplant.

  • Yes, This is from your meds. I was given Nystatin liquid to swish in my mouth to heal my tongue. Hi, I am Michelle and I am one year out as of NOv. 11, Hope you are well. 

  • I also had something like this around a couple of years after my transplant. Sore spots first occurred on my cheeks and then a few appeared on my tongue. My heart goes out to you because like you it made it very difficult for me to take in anything orally because that tended to aggravate the sores. It was not determined for certain what caused them, but it was thought to be a virus. It did take them awhile to disappear but they finally did. I tried using Chloraseptic spray to numb the areas and was put on a certain cream for the sores, but I cannot remember what it was. I am not sure if the latter helped as the sores seemed to go away on their own timing.  I hope that you soon experience a great reduction in your pain. I wish you healing and renewal. 

    Warm regards,


    • Thank you for sharing.

      My Doc reduced Cellcept dose to half from 1000 mg twice daily.Oral ulcers were gone in 4 days. After 2 weeks Cellcept dose will be back to normal.

      I feel better now.


      Regards Suresh

  • I had these a few months out from my first Tx. I remember it was a temporary issue (lasting about two months,) and was told it was related to the anti-rejection meds. It was not Thrush (oral yeast infection,) which I was treated for. I hope you find relief soon.

    • Thank you for sharing. 

      Regards Suresh

  • You need to  let your transplant team know this. 

    • Thank you. Will do that tomorrow.

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