Overcoming COVID?

Hi All:


I am 6 1/2 years out from a successfull kidney transplant and have been great in 'isolating' or just going out at odd times.  Neither my wife or I have had COVID.  I am curious if any of 'us' (transplant patients) were unlucky enough to catch it and what happens?


Is it a prolonged 'flu-like' symptoms at home?  Hospital?  Are our Rx's adjusted?  How long did it take to recover?


Just curious on any real world experiences?  I sure can't find any on Google.  Also, I was (past-tense) aprt of the JohnsHopkins study, but when they had be go for labwork and it took 2 1/2 hours door to door (delays at the not so close center) and they didn't test for anti-bodies, I bowed out.  I was quite dissapointed - if they are not testing, then what good was it? 


I've had 3 shots and based on prior anti-body tests, I had very low-levels of anti-bodies whih I suspect have been 'beaten up' by one of the anti-immune Rx's I take.  That is an assumption.


Thanks & just curious.  Still bathing with hand sanitizer and voluntarily restricting some movements which I don't see changing.


Thanks -





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  • Thank you.  Just curious if there is a specific regime for "us".

  • Hey George,

    I haven't got any variant of covid but I've had a few transplant friends contract it.  2 were before vaccines were available and I have to say 1 died and the other was close, but pulled through.  Basically they had to restart their rehab process from scratch.  

    The other that got it was after they were vaccinated had a much better experience although still difficult.  They were double vaxxed at the time they got it but was able to get the monoclonal antibody treatment.  While they still suffered, they didn't suffer as greatly as they would have without the vaccine or the additional treatments. Minimal protection is still better than zero. 

    In regards to paxlovid, I see it has some adverse interations with tacrolimus (among other drugs I take) and I'm currently awaiting some additional information regarding how the process works if I do get covid from my transplant team.  

    In regads to the vaccines in general, I'm currently on my 4th shot and try to stay as diligent as possible. I feel I can't do much more to stay safer than I already am and I always shake my head at people, especially TX people who don't get the vaccine.  I've yet to hear a legitimate reason not to get it (besides medical, which is very few).

    Stay safe everyone and I wish you well

  • Thanks for sharing and I'm happy to know there is some sort of regimine if 'we' get it.  


    Still keeping my guard up.  Good Luck All.





  • Hi, I consider myself still recovering from covid as I am not yet back to "normal." I am 65yrs old & a double transplant recipient, liver & kidney, 6 1/2 yrs ago.I ended up getting covid a few days after Thanksgiving. Dec 6th was 1st time I went to the ER. After chest xrays they sent me home as the hospitals here in Milw. WI are over crowded with covid. However, an ambulance came for me on Dec 12th & this time they kept me. They took me completely off my immune suppressants & put me on an anti viral while checking my labs 3 times/day. Normally I take cellcept, prograf, ursidol & prednisone. After being off my meds for 3 days, the gave me half my prograf dose. After 5 days they sent me home with 2 more days of anti virals. After that was done I went back on prednisone & my complete dose of prograf but they kept me off of the cellcept until 5 days ago! So, I was off of cellcept for a month! I wish I could've stayed off of that because between cellcept & covid, I am losing hair like crazy! (Realistically it's a small trade off for my life but...😔)

    So, my symptoms were initially a slight headache & scratchy throat. The progression of symptoms included entire body aches, overall crappy feeling, nausea occasionally but no vomiting, fluctuating fever & blood pressure, uncontrollable coughing, muscle weakness & fatigue. The last two I am still kind of dealing with. For me it changed almost daily! One day I'd feel like I was getting better, then the next day I'd feel worse again. I never lost sense of smell but did kinda lose taste. Things just didn't taste right. I am finally getting that back. All in all, it was scary & awful & lasted longer for me than everyone else I know who has gotten it.

  • Thanks & Good Luck.

  • Hi, Iam 2yrs into kidney transplant. Non diabetic/ no hypertension , Active lifestyle, full time working.
    Only medicines I take are tacrolimus 8 mg , cellcept 1000 mg 2 times a day. And few vitamins. Always have issues with my white blood cell count, ranging 2000 to 4000.

    I got Covid in November 2021

    it was pretty bad for me. I had all Covid symptoms- terrible throat pain, productive cough, fever, tiredness . After 1 week into Covid I got antibodies Infusion (Monoclonal antibodies) suggested  by my transplant clinic,  but it did not made any difference and I slowly started having breathing problems. My oxygen levels are always ok reaching lowest as 93.

    I went to emergency, they did CT scan and found Covid induced pneumonia in both lungs and put me on steroid dexamethasone. Stayed in hospital for 2 days and they discharged me since my oxygen levels are  ok. but my blood sugar levels increased  as a side effect of steroid. Lost  8 pounds weight 2 weeks. 
    It took 4 weeks for me to get back to normall. 
    still my blood sugar levels are near high end of limit. 

    Post Covid issues I got are skin rashes, TMJ  disorder ( jaw pain, jaw alignment issues). My creatinine is ok around 1.0 to 1.2

    I hope this helps.



  • I have not gotten it or the shot. Right now 2 of my kids have covid and we are staying in the same home. Yes they are staying in their room  I do go out and I actually am in college so I just use my head like double mask and changed and shower when I go out. When I told my doctor about being exposed to covid she just sent me a link to the cdc guidelines for covid. She didn't say anything about getting the infusion everyone on here talks about. I have not had it but just thought I would give you my experience of covid. 

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