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Pain in arms, shoulders and back

Hello, I am 20 months post liver transplant. Just recently I am beginning to have pains that come and go in my arms, shoulders and back. Is this something that is normal? It seems something different comes up each day. I don't feel that these pains are serious, just annoying and at times really painful. From the beginning of my transplant my scar area has stayed sore. It is not getting any better. I spoke to my liver team and they don't really give me any ideas as to what is causing it. Is anyone else experiencing any of these problems? If so, will you please explain them to me and what you have done to alleviate them.

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  • Are you on statins ?
  • 3 months post liver transplant, I developed pain in arms, shoulders and back, was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis, am currently on 5mg prednisone and starting Humira. Prednisone has eased the pain, not sure about the Humira yet.
    • I had RA before my transplant and was told I would have to stop my Humira injections . They would bring my immune system down too much with anti rejection meds. But yes, I have pain in my arms, shoulders and especially my back. Sometimes I get injections put into my back. Other than that, it's Tylenol and few pain meds.
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