Pain in side after kidney transplant

I'm 6 months post transplant (on my right side) and I continue to have deep aching pain on that side. The strange thing is that after going to bed, I will wake up to go pee and there's no pain in that side, but as soon as I'm done the ache comes back. When I finally get up the next morning, it's the same thing, no pain until I pee, then my side hurts all day. My transplant surgeon says it's nerve and muscle pain due to those not healed yet.  Anybody else have this problem?

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  • Early on (6 mo. IS early on,) after a Tx, it takes time for connective tissue and structural fat to grow back and cushion nerves from pressure. I would be aware of any increase in pain or fever until this "disappears" and continue to push for answers if this becomes unbearable. With two decades of experience, I know how transient aches and pains can be. I hope you find relief soon.

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