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Pets post transplant?

Hello all.

I recently joined and wondered if some could share their experience with having pets post transplant.

I have two dogs which are essentially my kids. I was told by the transplant team that it is only necessary to have the dogs out of the house for about the first 30 days after coming home. I understand that everyone is different so would welcome hearing some real life experiences.

One dog is a new puppy that should be potty trained by the end of the year. I would primarily be wondering if in fact it is dangerous to even be in the vicinity of poop (like outdoors in the yard) or if handling is the only issue.

I made the list for a liver transplant last February and will have my exception points become effective near the end of October, so might be dealing with the reality soon. 

Thanks for any input! :)

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  • My transplant team was very liberal regarding pets.  At the time of transplant we had two cats.  The team told me not to clean the litter pans.  They also said whenever they get shots to keep my distance for a couple of days.  I also used hand sanitizer after petting them - still do.

    They told me since they were already in the house that they provided more benefits than negatives.  I will be 11 years out next week.  Never have had an issue.

  • hi  i am 7 months post liver and kidney transplant.  i have a small dog.  doctor said a dog was ok i pet her and she sleeps with me in bed. i have to make sure i wash my hands after i pet her and use purell   when i first came home i did not let her lick my face, mouth or anywhere near my stitches.  doctors said to not pick up her poop or pee .  my husband does that for me when she walks outside they said a dog is safe but you have to watch out for cats, its the litter boxes and the urine and also birds, their feathers and poop at the bottom of their cage that is bad

  • I had a kidney transplant 5 1/2 months ago, and we have 3 cats and one dog.  After the transplant I came home  to all pets.  I was careful and tried to not let the cats step on me, kept a blanket on my lap. and I also did not clean cat boxes for about a month.  After that I did with a heppa mask and gloves.  I walk my dog almost everyday about 3 - 3.5 miles....


  • We have dogs and chickens and I’m a year and 9 months out.  I’m careful, using a mask and gloves, when cleaning the chicken coop, and am careful picking up dog poop, but I’ve had no problems.  The dogs are older.

  • I had my kidney in 2002 and my pancreas in 2008, In both cases, since my txs were far away from home, I didn't get back for about 45 days (so pet free for that time). At another time we pet sat for a friend for 30 days after her transplant. I've lived with pets my entire life (including my transplant life) and never had a problem

  • The problem with pets is they often drink out of the toilet and may lick you in the face when your asleep or awake ... I don't think its worth it ... a healthy Male lost his nose and legs because his pet licked him on the face ... this was in the news about 3 weeks ago .. be carefull  .. blessings to you ..

    • Thanks for that input - it's the first bad story I've heard about dogs and transplant patients. I certainly do want to live and love life - but my dogs are a very large part of my happiness. I have lived with multiple animals all my life and will probably take the chance here as well. I always guard against the dogs having access to the toilet in any event.

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